Is Rubina Dilaik Pregnant?

Recent outings and social media posts have led fans to wonder if Rubina Dilaik is pregnant. But are the rumours true?

Is Rubina Dilaik Pregnant f

"I let people keep guessing and assuming."

Rubina Dilaik has revealed the truth about whether she is pregnant or not.

Pregnancy rumours first circulated when she was spotted visiting a building that happened to contain a maternity clinic.

But the speculation increased when she posted an Instagram Reel of herself wearing a floaty dress.

Her cryptic caption read: “Learning to embrace it.”

This led fans to wonder if it was pregnancy Rubina was “learning to embrace”.

Many took to the comments section to ask Rubina.


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One person asked: “Hey are you pregnant?”

Another inquired: “Is she pregnant?”

A third said: “Little appu or Rubi coming soon.”

Rubina has now addressed the constant rumours and refuted the pregnancy claims. She said:

“As a public figure, I am aware that rumours and speculations keep happening. I know that I can’t do much about it so I don’t bother myself with these things.”

Rubina Dilaik admitted that while rumours are part of being in the limelight, they do not affect her.

She continued: “No rumour affects me, whether it is work or my personal life.

“We have exposed our lives as public figures for people to have their discretion, so it is absolutely okay.

“I continue doing my work and I let people keep guessing and assuming.”

Rubina has been a popular figure on TV but she is now set to make her debut in the Punjabi film industry with Chal Bhajj Chaliye.

Revealing that she has long desired to go into Punjabi cinema, Rubina said:

“I was looking for the right opportunity and script, and this film happened to be the one.

“It is a comedy-drama, and that’s what attracted me to it. I loved the lightheartedness and humour that spices up the film along the way. I had a great time shooting the Punjabi songs.”

Calling the filming a “unique experience”, Rubina acknowledged the industry’s distinct working style.

“Every industry has its own flavour of working but the experience of working in Punjab is very different.”

“There’s an evident regional flavour that you enjoy.

“Having grown up near Punjab’s border in Himachal Pradesh, I’m familiar with this culture and always had an inclination, so it was easy.

“Also, I’ve grown up in a setup where a lot of my friends in school and college were from Punjab, so that influence was there.

“And then my husband Abhinav (Shukla) is a Punjabi, so knowing him for the past 10 years, makes it even easier.”

On August 26, 2023, Rubina Dilaik marks her 34th birthday and she revealed that she will keep the celebrations to a minimum.

She added: “I am in Los Angeles and this was my long due vacation that I wanted to have.

“I am back in the US after almost nine years.

“I came with no plan and a simple, light suitcase. I just wanted to wake up every day, have breakfast, and then decide what I wanted to do.

“So, birthday is going to be here only.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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