Is Harnaaz Sandhu dating Veer Pahariya?

After first being pictured together at the Jio World Plaza, Harnaaz Sandhu has fuelled speculation that she is dating Veer Pahariya.

Is Harnaaz Sandhu dating Veer Pahariya f

"thank God you chose some good looking boy"

Harnaaz Sandhu has fuelled speculation that she is dating Veer Pahariya.

Rumours first came to light earlier in 2023 when they appeared together at the launch of the Jio World Plaza in Mumbai.

Fans could not help but wonder if Veer was dating the 2021 Miss Universe.

Harnaaz has now added to the rumours by commenting on Veer’s post.

Veer took to Instagram to share a picture of himself wearing a black shirt and grey trousers. He captioned the post:

“In this society, you’re either a name or a number…”

Harnaaz commented on his post, writing:

“There’s only one king of the jungle.”

Is Harnaaz Sandhu dating Veer Pahariya

Fans replied to the beauty queen’s comment, believing that they are in a relationship.

One user wrote: “Harnaaz, thank God you chose some good looking boy in Bollywood.

“Your taste is great. I hope one day you marry him.”

Others mentioned Veer’s rumoured ex-girlfriend Sara Ali Khan, with one curious person thinking they will get married.

But one user said: “No…you are saying about that Sara right??? He is with Harnaaz now… Sara is not dating him or anyone right now.”

Eagle-eyed netizens spotted that Harnaaz Sandhu has commented on several of Veer’s posts.

Under one post, Harnaaz posted a winking emoji and a love heart.

After Veer shared an image of himself in traditional attire, Harnaaz commented:


Others dismissed the dating rumours and wondered if they were working on a project together.

Harnaaz what are you doing ?
byu/Maleficent-Spend9294 inBollyBlindsNGossip

Veer was previously rumoured to be dating Sara Ali Khan.

On an episode of Koffee With Karan in 2022, Karan Johar pointed out that Janhvi Kapoor and Sara have dated siblings in the past.

Leaving them visibly red in the face, Karan said:

“I am tracking back to before the pandemic. I don’t know the level of your friendship today, but I don`t remember there being any.

“I remember that you both have dated siblings before…

“I mean it was the past. You both dated two brothers. And the commonality between the three of us is that they both used to live in my building.”

While neither Janhvi Kapoor nor Sara Ali Khan revealed the identity of the two brothers that they had dated at the same time, internet sleuths soon got on the case.

And they appear to have solved it already.

One user shared: “For everyone whose wondering which brother duo Janhvi and Sara dated, it’s these two brothers called Veer (Sara) and Shikhar (Janhvi) Pahariya, both maternal grandsons of the former chief minister of Maharashtra! THANK ME LATER.”

Veer Pahariya is set to make his Bollywood debut in Akshay Kumar’s Sky Force, which is believed to be about India’s first air strike on Pakistan under Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri’s orders.

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