Google Celebrates the Charitable Works of Abdul Sattar Edhi

The inspiration for Google’s latest designed logo pays tribute to the man who is a symbolic height of humanity and peace, Pakistan’s Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Google Celebrates the Charitable Works of Abdul Sattar Edhi

"Here’s to Edhi, whose unwavering commitment to others will always be remembered."

Google artistically dedicates its homepage to the late Abdul Sattar Edhi, Pakistan’s most renowned and respectable Humanitarian, Philanthropist, and Social Activist.

Born in 1928, the legendary icon passed away in 2016. To celebrate, what would have been his 89th birthday on 28th February 2017, Google has designed an exceptional masterpiece.

The artwork is inspired by his Ambulance network, the Edhi foundation. In addition, it portrays the Edhi Child Adoption Center, through an illustration of a mother with children. We can also see, a book, a dog, a hospital, and a drawing of Edhi, with his traditional dress, hat, and beard.

All in all, a drawing which represents his life’s missions to help those in need. Including medical and educational services, saving the lives of abandoned children, and other lacking necessities of Pakistan.

He had spent his entire life providing these various social services. And initially began by requesting others around him to make contributions, and to voluntarily provide a helping hand.

Directly involved with the Edhi foundation himself, which ran merely based on private contributions, Edhi created free of charge services.

Most significantly, it is his excellent Ambulance service, which is recognised as the world’s largest volunteer system.

Google Celebrates the Charitable Works of Abdul Sattar Edhi

While honouring the global-reaching personality, Google states in their Doodles Archive:

“Here’s to Edhi, whose unwavering commitment to others will always be remembered.”

They further add: “In celebration of Abdul Sattar Edhi, let’s all lend a hand to someone in need today.”

Google’s logo often celebrates milestone birthdays of personalities, who have helped shape world’s history.

And, Pakistani’s are absolutely touched and grateful to witness their national hero honoured by the world’s multinational technology company:

Anees Ahmad Nadeem tweets: “Thank you google for paying tribute to the Legendary Abdul Sattar Edhi.”

Imran Ghazali adds: “Great gesture by @Google as it pays tribute to one of the greatest humanitarians. #Pakistan misses you Edhi sb!.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with GEO, the wife of Abdul Sattar Edhi, Bilquis Edhi says:

“We never even celebrated his birthday while he was alive. We were unaware of the day he was born. I pray for him every day. Today I will make extra effort to pray for the departed soul.”

Indeed, such is their simplicity.

Yet, for many, this day is an opportunity to make donations:

Syed Ali Raza Abdi tweets: “Here google is commemorating too, donate generously PK.”

Another twitter user says: “It’s one thing to revere Edhi’s name & another to sincerely act upon his values. Be charitable at heart, not just through money. Donate.”

Certainly, the best way to celebrate the generous works of Abdul Sattar Edhi is to make charitable contributions.

You can also make donations here.

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images courtesy of Google, The Islamic Monthly, and

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