Indian Woman bribing Policewoman Video goes Viral

A video of an Indian woman bribing a policewoman has gone viral on social media. The incident happened in Maharashtra.

Indian Woman bribing Policewoman Video goes Viral f

The rider then tucks some bribe money

A brazen exchange of an Indian woman openly bribing a policewoman in Pune, Maharashtra has gone viral on social media.

The video shows the woman slipping the money into the policewoman’s back pocket and the officer accepting the bribe.

The video has been making the rounds of social media platforms from December 16, 2020.

The video has caused outrage among netizens, who criticised the officer on her methods when dealing with the crime.

Swati Sonnar has been identified as the officer.

On December 15, 2020, four traffic cops and a police officer were deployed in Pune for citing traffic regulations.

In the video, Sonnar is seen standing some distance away from her peers.

Soon, two women come along on a two-wheeler not wearing a helmet.

It is unclear what traffic offence they were stopped for, but Sonnar is seen conversing with the rider of the vehicle.

Within moments, the latter comes closer to the policewoman and is given a subtle instruction to go behind her.

The rider then tucks some bribe money into the policewoman’s back pocket and leaves the spot.

Unknown to the corrupt policewoman, a group of alert youths happened to witness the matter take place and they recorded it on their phones.

Footage of the bribery incident went viral on social media and was soon noted by senior police officers.

On December 17, 2020, an official enquiry was launched into the matter and the policewoman was identified.

Sonnar was suspended the following day and a departmental inquiry has been initiated against her.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Sudhir Hiremath said:

“We received the video on social media. It was filmed at Sai Chowk.

“Our departmental inquiry will figure out what happened at the spot. We have suspended the policewoman from the service.

“This gives out a clear message to those cops who have been indulging in such practices while performing their duties.”

His suspension order to Sonnar stated:

“While performing duty, you were standing apart from your colleagues intentionally and were seen doing an undignified act.”

“You encouraged a citizen to place money in the pocket of your uniform, causing damage to the image of the entire police department.

“You are a public servant, but your irresponsible and indisciplined conduct is a blot on the image of the disciplined police department.

“Therefore, you are suspended from police service.

Disciplinary action is being launched against Sonnar under the relevant sections of the Bombay Police Punishments and Appeals Rules.

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