Indian Wedding erupts into Fight where Groom’s Dad Beaten

An Indian wedding in Punjab ended badly after a fight erupted between the groom and bride’s sides. The groom’s father was severely beaten.

Indian Wedding erupts into Fight where Groom’s Dad Beaten f

A sexual pass was made at a young woman

An Indian wedding in the Amritsar area of Punjab did not proceed as intended after a huge fight erupted between both the bride and groom’s families.

Guests at a wedding palace venue near the village of Ballaharwal in the district of Ajnala witnessed the altercation at around 8.00 pm on Sunday, October 6, 2019.

Reports say that the fight started when the bride was being congratulated towards the end of the evening when a traditional ceremony was being conducted.

A sexual pass was made at a young woman attending the wedding which sparked the fight.

A male guest from the groom’s side had inappropriately gestured the woman who was from the bride’s side.

This first resulted in an argument between a small fraction of guests with the bride’s side not impressed by the behaviour of the male guest.

According to Punjab police, who were called to the incident, the groom’s father then appealed to those arguing to stop their ‘nonsense’ and said that they were causing a ruckus for such a small reason at the wedding.

This immediately angered the bride’s side who then took offence to the groom’s father’s comments and the attitude of the groom’s side (baraat) towards the incident.

This quickly escalated into a major attack on the groom’s side (baraat) by the bride’s side.

Members of the groom’s side were severely beaten and violently attacked. They were aggressively chased around the venue and traumatically assaulted.

The groom’s father became a major target, especially due to his comments.

The father along with five others was seriously hurt and injured during the shocking fight with bloodstains and chaos all around the venue.

The father endured major injuries on his head while others had bruises and wounds around their bodies.

Emergency services were called to take the father and the other injured guests from the groom’s side to the local Ajnala Civil Hospital.

The bride’s side also started to shockingly smash and damage the bus that the groom’s side arrived in to attend the wedding.

It was at this point, the local police arrived at the scene and immediately started to separate the sides and make arrests

A full investigation into the incident has been launched by police.

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