Indian Traffic Cop commits Suicide after Family Rift

In a shocking incident, a 29-year-old Indian traffic cop from Ludhiana in Punjab took her own life following a family dispute.

Indian Traffic Cop commits Suicide after Family Rift f

a family rift led Kamaljeet to take the extreme step.

A tragic incident came to light on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, in which an Indian traffic cop committed suicide.

The deceased was identified as 29-year-old Kamaljeet Kaur, a resident of Ludhiana, Punjab.

It was reported that a family rift was to blame for her suicide. Kamaljeet allegedly got into a dispute with her husband.

Police revealed that she died after consuming poison.

Kamaljeet was married and had two children. The family lived in the village of Dehlon where she was employed as a traffic constable.

On May 26, Kamaljeet consumed poison. Officers at Dehla Police Station were informed about the suicide and rushed to the scene.

They sent the Indian traffic cop’s body to the hospital for a post-mortem.

Meanwhile, an investigation was launched.

According to the police, preliminary enquiries have revealed that a family rift led Kamaljeet to take the extreme step.

She reportedly had an argument with her husband, however, officers do not yet know what the row was about and why it resulted in the woman’s suicide.

It is believed that the row took place the night before she took her own life.

Currently, the investigation is ongoing.

In another shocking case, a woman was driven to suicide after enduring years of harassment and violence at the hands of her husband and brother-in-law.

The incident took place in the town of Limbayat, Surat, Gujarat.

Police identified the suspects as Salim Pathan and Dewar Javed while the deceased was named as Afsana.

Afsana got married to Salim in 2005. However, shortly after their marriage, he began harassing her. Salim’s brother Dewar also began harassing Afsana.

As well as subjecting her to harassment, Salim threatened to divorce her and marry someone else.

The brothers even stopped Afsana from visiting her parents.

On January 15, 2020, the abuse turned physical when Afsana asked Salim for some money to spend on household items. He refused and the couple argued. It led to Salim brutally beating his wife.

Following the assault, Afsana called the police and Salim was arrested. Despite the arrest, the violence continued.

When Dewar found out about his brother’s arrest, he grabbed Afsana by the hair and began beating her. Salim was released on bail. Upon arriving home, Salim assaulted his wife.

The ordeal became too much for Afsana and she decided to take her own life. On January 28, 2020, she consumed rat poison and told her father Razak about her ordeal.

Razak reached the house and took his daughter to the hospital. Afsana tragically died on January 29.

Her father went to the police station and told officers that his daughter took her own life due to the abuse she had been subjected to.

A case was registered and officers worked to arrest the two men.

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