Indian Millionaire’s son has £14m Wedding in Italy

Yogesh Mehta splashes a whopping £14 million on a big fat Indian wedding for his only son, Rohan Mehta, and his British-born bride, Roshni.

Indian Millionaire's son has £14m Wedding in Italy

Roshni was adored in gorgeous saris, statement jewellery and beautiful henna designs.

No one adores an immensely extravagant, colourful and glittery wedding like the Indians!

The latest big fat Indian wedding that has gotten us drooling over the display of wealth took place in Italy on November 25-27, 2015.

Rohan Mehta, the only son of millionaire Yogesh Mehta, tied the knot with the British-born Roshni in Florence.

Around 500 guests reportedly flew in from all over the world to attend the wedding celebrations that cost a whooping £14 million!

After the traditional mehendi ceremony, Rohan and Roshni wedded in a gazebo mounted in All Saints Square.

Indian Millionaire's son has £14m Wedding in ItalyThe beautiful bride, who owns a fashion company in London, looked absolutely stunning from head to toe.

Roshni was adored in several gorgeous saris (many of which were designed by Manish Malhotra), statement jewellery and awe-inspiring henna design on her hands.

Groom Rohan also looked joyful and handsome dressed in sherwanis, happily dancing away with his bride and guests.

Indian Millionaire's son has £14m Wedding in ItalyAmong an ocean of guests were their friends, family and no doubt many important business contacts.

Yogesh, also known fondly as Yogi, made sure all of them were entertained to the brim with every dime that he generously spent on his son’s wedding.

From the humongous feasts and elaborate flower arrangements to crystal chandeliers and jaw-droppingly stunning fireworks, the Mehtas lit up the historical city like never before.

For the rich and famous, musical performances by celebrities are a quintessential part of the wedding celebrations. DJ Zubair, singer Sukhbir Singh and Natalie Di Luccio all graced the stage for the newlyweds.

To top it all off was a fountain with a carved elephant, made by commission – perhaps to comfort Rohan whose request to have a real elephant was turned down by Florence City Council on the grounds of health and safety.

Indian Millionaire's son has £14m Wedding in ItalyAll of these and more for a three-day affair worth £14 million is probably just a drop in the ocean when you own Petrochem, one of the ‘largest independent petrochemical distributors in the Middle East’.

Yogi started the chemical company in 1995 in Dubai and is said to have amassed US$623 million (£414 million) in wealth since then.

His son Rohan will settle in Dubai with his wife, and hence is expected to join the company and oversee various aspects of the family business.

Indian Millionaire's son has £14m Wedding in ItalyRohan and Roshni’s eye-popping wedding is not the only gigantic Indian wedding that Italy has witnessed lately.

Indian-born and London-based mining magnate Pramod Agarwal hosted two lavish weddings for his daughter Ritika and Vinita in Puglia and Venice respectively.

The Puglia wedding cost almost €10 million (£7 million) and featured Florence and the Machine and singer Pritam.

As for the one in the ‘City of Canals’, it required some masterful orchestration by famous Italian theatre director, Franco Dragone, and saw Colombian singer Shakira shake her hips on stage.

Check out our gallery below to get a glimpse into Rohan and Roshni’s wedding:

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Images courtesy of Daily Mail and Yogesh Mehta Twitter

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