Indian Couple help Refugees leaving War-Torn Ukraine

An Indian couple have been assisting people at the Poland-Ukraine border as they attempt to flee from the country’s conflict.

Indian Couple Help Refugees leaving War-Torn Ukraine

"A true humanitarian, much love from Poland!"

An Indian couple, Kanwar Singh and Jass, have volunteered for the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) in order to help people fleeing the Ukraine crisis.

The organisation’s relief programme is based in Warsaw, Poland. So, the Indian couple has been assisting refugees at the Poland-Ukraine border in numerous ways.

They have helped in transporting several groups to airports and train stations as well as delivering medical supplies to hospitals in the Ukraine capital, Kyiv.

Millions of Ukraine civilians are continually affected by the armed conflict but the Indian couple took it upon themselves to offer a helping hand.

Kanwar went on Instagram to share how he and Jass are aiding the frightened people. Sharing screenshots of the couples day to day, Kanwar captioned one story saying:

“So we drive to the border crossings from Warsaw taking supplies and bring back people that have just crossed over so they can continue their journey west.”

In the thread of stories, he added a comment on one picture saying:

“Back at the crossing in Zosin where there is a constant stream of people coming in. Most are women and children hence the request for nappies.”

As Kanwar continued to document his and Jass’ assistance, he shared a picture of medicine and sanitary napkins, revealing:

“At the moment we just purchasing off the counter meds requested by doctors over the border in Ukraine.”

This incredible work has been met with an immense amount of praise. One Twitter user replied to Kanwar saying:

“A true humanitarian, much love from Poland!”

Whilst another shared their appreciation stating: “amazing. Brilliant work. Well done”.

However, Kanwar made sure to highlight that he has been given this type of help for months. Though, he shared that it wasn’t as smooth sailing then as it is now:

“Back in December, I was doing the same thing here in Poland with @GrupaGranica. Police stopped me numerous times, even got arrested. It was pretty scary.

“That time it was along the Belarus border and the refugees were from the Middle East. This time it’s all smiles.”

Interestingly, this highlights the need for refugees across the world but this mishap shows Kanwar’s resilience to always offer help where needed.

The British Indian couple has shared as much of their story as possible in order to raise awareness.

In some of their social posts, they report how emotionally attached they feel to those trying to flee, which has resonated with all of their followers.

It also highlights how fearless and resilient they have remained in a time of absolute uncertainty.

According to Filippo Grandi, head of the UN Refugee Agency, the number of refugees retreating from Ukraine is over two million.

This alarming figure emphasises the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since WW2.

Additionally, Grandi reported that another wave of civilians leaving the country would be more vulnerable than the first:

“If the war continues we will start seeing people that have no resources and no connections.

“That will be a more complex situation to manage for European countries going forward.”

It is only natural for people leaving, with the heightened levels of violence that have rippled through the towns and cities.

Kanwar and Jass’ efforts are a tremendous show of humanitarianism. Hopefully, their work continues safely and aids those in the midst of this terrible tragedy.

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