Indian Builder has Sex Party Farmhouse busted by Police

An Indian builder accused of gang-raping his wife had his farmhouse busted by police. They found he used it to host sex parties.

Indian Builder has Sex Party Farmhouse busted by Police f

the suspects used to lure young women to the farmhouse

An Indian builder had his farmhouse exposed as a place where he hosted sex parties by police.

Police are currently searching for his whereabouts as he is accused of gang-raping his wife.

The accused has been identified as Rajesh Vishwakarma, a builder based in Nagda, Madhya Pradesh.

His co-accused Ankesh Baghel, Vipin Bhadauria and Vivek Vishwakarma have been arrested by police.

Officers searched the farmhouse and discovered bottles of expensive liquor, an Audi car as well as quad bikes.

Police also found sex toys and concluded that Rajesh held sex parties at the farmhouse.

An investigation revealed that the suspects used to lure young women to the farmhouse before molesting them.

Weapons were also seized from the property. This included knives and axes.

The victim detailed her ordeal to police, revealing that she was a teacher from Chhattisgarh.

She explained that she met Rajesh through a dating website and later found out that he had lied on his profile.

He claimed to be born in 1985 when he was actually born in 1974.

Rajesh also claimed to be a divorcee, a non-drinker and had an income of more than Rs. 1 Crore (£98,000).

They married in October 2019.

The woman’s family were not happy about the wedding but allowed it to go ahead as they respected their relative’s wishes.

She said: “After marriage, we stayed in a hotel in Indore for 4 days. After this, he took me to his farmhouse.”

The victim went on to say that 15 days after getting married, Rajesh began harassing her.

She said sex parties would happen at the farmhouse, with people walking around naked and servants watching.

Rajesh allegedly showed her a porn film and told her to perform the sex acts that were depicted.

After she refused, he kept her at the farmhouse without any clothes.

Vipin soon began misbehaving with her.

She told police:

“Rajesh would make Vipin pour cold water on me and dance without clothes in front of friends.”

“He would stare at me while puffing a cigarette on the chair.”

The woman stated that after being forced to dance, the suspects raped her.

She also alleged that Rajesh bit her and filmed the rape.

The woman returned to Chhattisgarh in September 2021.

She contemplated suicide but when Rajesh sent two men to kill her and her family in a failed attempt, she went to Indore and filed a police complaint.

The suspects have had a case registered under various sections of the Indian Penal Code as well as the Arms Act.

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