How is Rishi Sunak’s Millionaire Wife avoiding more Tax?

How is Akshata Murty’s savvy philanthropy resulting in a tax reduction? A move that may upset the public considering her millionaire status.

How is Rishi Sunak's Millionaire Wife avoiding more Tax?

Murty held over 27,000 shares

In a recent announcement, Akshata Murty, the millionaire heir to Infosys, has chosen to donate her shares in the childcare firm Koru Kids to charity, sparking discussions about potential tax advantages.

This philanthropic move comes after her involvement in the company attracted undue attention, leading her to view it as an “unfair distraction” for the charitable cause.

The decision to donate the shares to ShareGift, a UK-registered charity accepting share donations, not only reflects Mrs Murty’s commitment to charitable endeavours but also carries financial implications.

Unlike selling the shares, donating them exempts her from capital gains tax, a significant consideration given the supposed profits from the shares.

Additionally, the value of the shares becomes deductible from income tax, further contributing to the potential tax relief for Akshata Murty.

Details surrounding the value of the donated shares remain undisclosed, leaving the public in suspense about the exact extent of the tax reduction resulting from this charitable act.

Murty held over 27,000 shares in two separate batches, making it a substantial contribution to ShareGift in December.

This charitable decision follows a standards probe involving Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who faced scrutiny for failing to declare his wife’s interest in Koru Kids.

The firm stood to benefit from government incentives, prompting a formal investigation.

In August 2023, Sunak publicly apologised for the oversight, admitting that he inadvertently breached the MPs’ code of conduct by not disclosing his wife’s stake when questioned by MPs.

Despite initial assertions from Downing Street that the PM had followed the rules “to the letter”, the investigation concluded that rules had indeed been broken.

Commons standards commissioner Daniel Greenberg acknowledged the breach but attributed it to confusion on Sunak’s part, accepting that the PM had not intentionally misled.

The incident raised questions about the government’s commitment to integrity, professionalism, and accountability, as promised by the Prime Minister.

Koru Kids, part of a group of private childcare providers set to benefit from a government pilot scheme, found itself caught in the media storm surrounding the political controversy.

Chief executive Rachel Carrell expressed concern that the attention diverted focus from efforts to improve access to care for families.

While Downing Street declined to comment on Murty’s recent charitable gesture, it undoubtedly emphasised the intersection of personal finance, political scrutiny, and charitable acts in the public eye.

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