House of iKons February 2024: A Decade of Defining Style

The House of iKons 2024 show unveiled exquisite designs from a plethora of creatives. DESIblitz brings you the details.

House of iKons February 2024_ A Decade of Defining Style - F

Anna is a newcomer to the fashion industry.

As the curtain rose on the House of iKons Fashion Week London 2024, we didn’t just welcome a new season of style.

We also celebrated a remarkable milestone – a decade of defining fashion.

For ten years, House of iKons has been a beacon of creativity, diversity, and innovation in the fashion world, uniting the best designers, artists, and musicians under one roof.

The 2024 show was a grand celebration of this legacy, with a line-up of past and present designers, VIP guests, and music artists, all gathered to commemorate this significant milestone.

The spectacular event unfolded at the prestigious Leonardo Royal Tower Bridge London Hotel, on February 17, 2024.

The allure of House of iKons extends its reach far and wide, drawing in over 1,000 devoted aficionados daily, including esteemed high-net-worth guests.

The show served as a beacon of inclusivity, providing a platform for creatives from diverse backgrounds to shine.

The headline sponsors for the event included The Fashion Life Tour and Girl Meets Brush.

DESIblitz takes immense pride in serving as a media partner, presenting the prestigious House of iKons event.

Now, let’s cast the spotlight on some of these extraordinary talents:


House of iKons February 2024: A Decade of Defining StyleTykorchélli’s Royal Collection unveiled 20 stunning looks that exude versatility in style.

This collection features a myriad of interchangeable options, ranging from high fashion and theatrical flair to exquisite formal attire.

Tykorchélli is dedicated to uncompromising fashion, specialising in exclusive couture with meticulous attention to detail.

Each garment is meticulously designed to enhance personal beauty and style.

The Royal Collection showcases a line for all individuals, highlighting exceptional craftsmanship and regal elegance.

Tykorchélli’s philosophy revolves around “Making a Statement.”

The brand aims to capture the inner beauty of each individual and elevate it to new heights.

House of Musa

House of iKons February 2024_ A Decade of Defining Style - 2The House of Musa is a collective of accredited fashion designers and collaborators who promote MUSA through their creative designs and products.

These designs are showcased in Philippine cultural shows and are now seen on international fashion houses and runways, thanks to their national directors from around the world.

The founder of MUSA, Ms. Joy Soo, is a fashion designer, local painter, and artist.

As the reigning Mrs Philippines Grand International Classic, she has revived the tradition of MUSA weaving in the province of Davao Del Norte, Philippines.

Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, Soo is dedicated to reviving a cherished tradition deeply rooted in her province.

Her journey is not just about aesthetics, but a heartfelt endeavour to make a difference in the lives of those often overlooked.

The House of MUSA’s advocacy extends to the Indigenous Women of diverse groups in her locality.

Kéarnna Rhea

House of iKons February 2024_ A Decade of Defining Style - 3Kéarnna Rhea is a womenswear brand that draws inspiration from the journey of female growth, from girlhood to womanhood.

The brand creates a collection that radiates feminine energy, capturing the essence of womanhood in every design.

Born in September 2003, Kéarnna is a talented fashion enthusiast who has been inspired by iconic influences such as Bratz, Barbie, The Devil Wears Prada, and Gossip Girl.

These stylish influences have shaped Kearnna’s unique design perspective, which places a strong emphasis on sisterhood and empowerment.

Her designs reflect the bond and strength of sisterhood, seamlessly blending elements of fashion, elegance, and confidence.

Kearnna’s collection takes guests on an incredible journey of fashion that celebrates the power of femininity.

Each piece is a testament to the strength and beauty of women, making Kéarnna Rhea a brand that truly embodies female empowerment.

La Pham

House of iKons February 2024_ A Decade of Defining Style - 4La Pham has partnered with Empower Women Asia to support minority women in the highlands of Vietnam.

This year, the campaign extended until London Fashion Week, intending to establish a cooperative for the H’mong minority in Ha Giang, Vietnam.

This initiative is designed to help women secure employment and a stable income.

The collection to be showcased beautifully encapsulates the culture and beauty of Vietnam.

It promotes sustainable vegan fashion, marking one of the first times such a collection has been showcased in the history of the show.

Each piece is carefully crafted, earning appreciation from the audience as each look graces the catwalk.

Joan Madison Couture

House of iKons February 2024_ A Decade of Defining Style - 5Joan Madison, a renowned fashion designer with over three decades of experience, first showcased her work at the February 2020 Show.

Known for her sophisticated, modern, high-fashion designs, Joan brings empowering artistry to the runway.

Her recent achievements in 2023 are a testament to her exceptional talent and craftsmanship.

Joan was honoured with the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s prestigious Artists Elevated Award in Fashion and was named Designer of the Year by the Columbus Fashion Council.

She also won first place in the Highball Halloween Costume Couture Fashion Show with her collection, “Her Hair is Her Crown,” a reflection of her deep-rooted African heritage.

This collection serves as a ‘Love Letter’ to the designer herself.

As a survivor of breast cancer, Joan channelled the worry and struggle of her battle into her designs, aiming to inspire those who have survived and those still fighting.

Anna Flowers Designs

House of iKons February 2024_ A Decade of Defining Style - 6Anna Flowers is a creator whose original fashion designs transcend the realm of clothing to become genuine pieces of art.

Each of her unique creations is handcrafted from raw materials in her studio, nestled in the beautiful and atmospheric Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Anna scours the globe for extravagant fabrics, transforming them into her three distinct fashion lines: brilliant evening dresses, underground festival wear, and experimental fringe art.

Any fabric that sparkles or shines serves as her muse.

In a world increasingly dominated by disposability, Anna bucks the trend by creating luxurious, high-quality pieces designed to last for decades.

With over 30 years of sewing experience, Anna is a newcomer to the fashion industry.

However, in just her first year, her designs have already graced shows in Seattle, New York, Mexico, and now London.


House of iKons February 2024_ A Decade of Defining Style - 7UK-China Fashion Arts and Culture Ltd (UKCFAC) and UKCNDEA Group Limited are delighted to introduce Ms. BUZHIWU, a young female artist from China’s crossover and design brand, COSELF.

Ms. BUZHIWU’s works innovatively express the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures.

She is a pioneering international crossover artist who integrates traditional Chinese culture, fashion, and art.

Her work spans interdisciplinary fashion design, digital art, and art installations, covering both real and virtual fields.

With a focus on the cultural expression of contemporary art, her work is a testament to her unique artistic vision.

An art installation and a catwalk presentation featuring two looks from COSELF’s unique design and art in fashion were among the highlights of her work.

These pieces not only showcased her innovative design approach but also highlighted her ability to seamlessly blend art and fashion.

As the lights dimmed, we were left with a renewed sense of admiration for the diversity that House of iKons has consistently championed for a decade.

As we look forward to the next decade, we’re excited to see how House of iKons will continue to push boundaries, challenge norms, and redefine style.

Here’s to another decade of celebrating fashion, art, and creativity in all its forms!

For further information about House of iKons, please visit here.

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