Hina Altaf slammed by Netizens over Starbucks Pic

Hina Altaf recently posted an image of her enjoying Starbucks in Dubai. However, the photo sparked anger on social media.

Hina Altaf slammed by Netizens for enjoying Starbucks f

“Time to unfollow Hina Altaf. Extremely tone-deaf."

Hina Altaf came under fire after she shared a picture of herself enjoying Starbucks in Dubai.

The now-deleted Instagram post featured a close-up shot of her hand holding a Starbucks cup.

It was a recent picture as the cup was Christmas-themed.

Although she quickly deleted the post, a follower had taken a screenshot which has now gone viral.

She is being named and shamed on both X and Instagram.

In a viral tweet on X, someone quoted the screenshot of her post, saying:

“Pakistani celebrities are embarrassing as hell at this point.

“They’re weird, dumb, tone-deaf and attention seekers.

“Hope floppy Hina Altaf is happy after getting two minutes of fame. Sick!”

Her recent Dubai pictures’ comment section is also being flooded with negative comments.

One follower wrote: “How was the Starbucks coffee? Did it taste bloody?”

Another said: “Girl we get that you have a ton of money. But why did you have to go spend it on genocide though?”

One follower commented: “Time to unfollow Hina Altaf. Extremely tone-deaf.

“There are people dying because of what you’re promoting. A big F*** you!”

Another wrote: “I’m actually shocked at your complete ignorance Hina. We’re boycotting you from the UK.”

Some social media users even accused her of being a clout chaser, claiming she pulled the stunt for attention.

One user asked: “Why post it, and then delete it? Are you that desperate for attention?”

Another wrote: “People need to stop giving her the attention that she’s so clearly dying for!”

One said:

“This is just a poor attempt to get some cheap fame!”

Others were convinced that she posted it to look “modern” and “Western”.

An X user said: “Drinking Starbucks is not the flex Desis think it is!”

One follower wrote: “Shame on you gori wannabe.”

Another commented: “Their actions stem from deep insecurities driving them to change their identities through these pathetic acts!”

Even though the majority of the comments were negative, there were a few devoted fans who defended her.

One fan said: “Either fake or too old.”

Another commented: “Wonder how you had a screenshot without date and time but her Instagram has no such pic on feed.”

However, they were quickly silenced after Hina posted an Instagram Story.

The image featured an illustration of the Grinch drinking from a Starbucks cup.

The story acted as a confirmation to the netizens that she did not care for the hate she was receiving.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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