Christmas Drinks at Starbucks vs Costa for 2017

It’s that time of the year when Starbucks and Costa release their Christmas drinks. Let’s look at the 2017 line-ups and which ones you should try or miss.

Starbucks and Costa

This festive hot chocolate is sure to keep you warm and cosy during the cold months.

As the evenings grow longer and the festive season approaches, Starbucks and Costa have unveiled their new line-ups of Christmas drinks.

Now marks the time to embrace winter – despite the frosty chill in the air. But these hot beverages are certain to keep us warm and cosy during November and December.

This year, both Starbucks and Costa bring exciting flavours; a mix of new and returning concoctions. And we can’t forget the highly-anticipated, delightful cups!

DESIblitz takes you through the vast range of Christmas drinks; exploring the ones you simply must try.

Let’s begin our comparison of Starbucks and Costa – which offers the best beverages for the festivities?


Starbucks' Christmas range

Starbucks hasn’t strayed too far from their popular drinks from previous years. While some may see it as not experimental, others would argue the coffee shop knows what works well.

Indeed, their beverages usually contain wonderful flavours. But maybe now would hail as the ideal time for reinvention?

However, Starbucks has brought their most interactive range of cups yet. Instead of traditional red, they now serve drinks in white cups, decorated with seasonal designs. With the idea for customers to “add their own colour and illustrations”.

But let’s look at what Starbucks offers in their 2017 line-up.

Gingerbread Latte: One for the spice lovers, this indulgent drink will delight your taste buds with its mix of ginger and coffee. To add a new spin, Starbucks have decorated this latte with gingerbread whipped cream and a wafer.

Fudge Hot Chocolate: This festive hot chocolate is sure to keep you warm and cosy during the cold months. The sweet flavour of fudge adds richness to the drink. Combined with whipped cream and golden, chocolate curls, you get a truly decadent Christmas mixture.

Toffee Nut Latte: A delicious blend of toffee and nuts, this latte certainly makes us feel ready for the festive season! With sweet and toasty flavours, you’re bound to love its hazelnut topping, complete with sugary sprinkles.

Eggnog Latte: With eggnog as a staple drink for Christmas, Starbucks brings this temptingly sweet latte back to the menu – bringing in delectable flavours of eggnog mixed with espresso and milk.

Festive Cold Brew: An alternative for those who want something more refreshing. This new concoction presents a Christmas blend of spices, along with flavours of oranges and cranberries. But perhaps drink this one in the cafe than outside.

While arguably not adventurous, Starbucks has presented a line-up with highly-popular mixtures. If you feel tempted by their festive creations, check out their full range here.


Costa's Christmas range

On the surface, one would easily assume that Costa has also opted to stay with a similar range to their 2016 Christmas drinks. However, while most of the flavours may remain the same; you can experience some of them in a range of hot or cold beverages.

For example, Costa has brought the new Frostino’s; a creamy mixture that tastes beautifully sweet, yet admittedly carries a hefty amount of calories.

This year, the coffee chain has gone for a simpler design with their cups. Featuring adorable characters of an elf, nutcracker, snowman and much more, they capture the festive season.

Let’s go through some of the delicious festive drinks available at this coffee chain.

Billionaire’s Drinks: Served as either a latte, hot chocolate or Frostino, Billionaire’s is Costa’s most decadent drink yet! Based on Millionaire’s Shortbread, expect a mixture of Belgian chocolate and heavenly caramel sauce.

Black Forest Drinks: This scrumptious hot chocolate is a delicious dessert in a cup! With a heavenly cherry syrup, whipped cream and sour cherry sauce on top, we love this luscious concoction. It’s available as a hot chocolate and Frostino.

Mint Hot Chocolate: This mixture gives the perfect balance of heavenly chocolate and refreshing mint. With whipped cream and shimmering crumb, it will certainly tantalise your taste buds.

Salted Caramel Cappucino: Returning from last year, this cappuccino presents delectable salted caramel with steamed milk and espresso. Frothy and creamy, this is a must-try for any coffee lover.

Lindt Hot Chocolate: Costa has once again partnered with Lindt to bring back this indulgent hot chocolate. For a rich, smooth chocolately experience, this is a superb drink to have.

Costa has created a truly wonderful line-up of festive drinks; delighting our taste buds and hearts. Take a look at their whole range here.

Drinks for Christmas

The two juggernaut coffee chains have pulled out all the stops for Christmas 2017.

Presenting an extensive range of flavours, hot/cold drinks and heartwarming cups, they both have something for everyone.

But which offer the best range for the season? Where Costa succeeds in variety, Starbucks shows its excellence in serving decadent flavours. It seems then it’s simply up to you for which you prefer.

Which chain then will you go to get your festive fix? Starbucks or Costa – why not have your say by voting in our poll below!

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