Hina Altaf reassures Fans after Health Scare

Hina Altaf shared several Instagram Stories of herself in hospital but she reassured her fans after the health scare.

Hina Altaf reassures Fans after Health Scare f

“I am home but the recovery is extremely painful."

Hina Altaf has sent a message of thanks to her fans on Instagram after updating them that she has returned home after a short hospital stay.

Although Hina did not share details of what happened to her, she kept fans updated about her health with a series of Instagram Stories.

She initially posted a picture from the hospital, giving the assumption that she was to undergo surgery.

But to the relief of her fans, Hina said she returned home and faced a painful recovery ahead.

She said: “I am home but the recovery is extremely painful. Thank you for the lovely messages.”

Hina went on to share another update on Instagram stories where she said:

“My bandages will come off tomorrow In’Sha’Allah. Sorry, the painkillers have made me too drowsy.

“Thank you for sending me so much love.”

Hina Altaf was in the spotlight a fair amount throughout 2023 after rumours surfaced that she had separated from her husband Agha Ali.

Although the pair have neither confirmed nor denied the news, fans of the couple noticed that they had deleted photos of one another on their pages and do not follow each other any more either.

Rumours further escalated after it became apparent that Hina celebrated her birthday at home alone.

In December 2023, Hina Altaf faced backlash from her fans after she posted a photo of herself holding a Starbucks cup.

Fans voiced their disappointment and said she should boycott the coffee chain following the conflict in Palestine.

The image was screenshot and shared on social media with the caption:

“Pakistani celebrities are embarrassing as hell at this point. They are so weird, dumb, tone-deaf and attention seekers.

“I hope floppy Hina Altaf is happy after getting her two minutes of fame. Sick!”

As the image continued to circulate, Hina became the recipient of more negative comments and one fan replied to the photo by saying:

“The audacity is insane because this drink is the easiest thing to boycott, and you not being able to skip this drink, which doesn’t even taste good, says a lot.”

Another added: “They are well aware of the situation in Gaza. This is just a poor attempt to get some cheap fame.”

A third angered fan commented: “Some so-called famous people really like Western stuff a lot and that can be embarrassing.

“They might act weird because their actions may stem from deep insecurities, driving them to change their identity through these shameful and pathetic acts.”

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