Gucci criticised for $3,500 Kaftan Collection

Gucci released its new Kaftan Collection. However, social media users criticised the brand for the hefty price tags of up to $3,500.

Gucci criticised for $3,500 Kaftan Collection f

"Gucci selling an Indian kurta for 2.5 lakhs?"

Fashion giant Gucci has been criticised after it released its Kaftan Collection, with prices of up to $3,500.

It presented its collection of floral kaftans and Gucci had great things to say about the line.

The description read:

“Crafted from organic linen, this kaftan is enriched with floral embroidery and self-tile tassels.

“Unexpected layering with tracksuit pieces defines a whole new way to interpret the garment, giving it a surprising twist.”

Kaftans were first introduced as part of Gucci’s range in 1996.

The company said it “continues to be an integral part of the House aesthetic while evolving in new materials and modern details”.

The description for the silk kaftan read:

“Filled with ‘60s and ‘70s influences, the kaftan reinterprets the aesthetic of the hippie movement with a new take on relaxed garments in light fabrics.

“For this new iteration, the emblematic interlocking G motif mixes with a stripe chain print elevating the ivory silk fabric.”

They have traditional necklines and tassels.

However, the new fashion items have not gone down well with South Asian netizens.

Gucci criticised for $3,500 Kaftan Collection

Many have said that they are in fact kurtas, a common item of clothing worn in South Asian countries like India.

They also said that Gucci’s collection is just a costlier version, with kurtas available for $5 or less in Indian markets.

One person took a screenshot of the hefty price and wrote:

“Gucci selling an Indian kurta for 2.5 lakhs? I’ll get the same thing for 500 bucks.”

Another pointed out Gucci’s mistake:

“First of all this is a kurta, not a kaftan, secondly, I can buy 2 like this for under 500 bucks.

“I know ‘it’s a brand thing’ but this is extremely absurd.”

A third person criticised Gucci’s overpriced kaftans:

“People could simply fly to India for this much money and buy from here!!”

Another commented: “My mom can make the same design. Shall I start selling those to Gucci?”

One user said: “You can get two of these for 500.

“Hell, I don’t even buy kurtas like these because they are not my style. 3,500 dollars for THIS?!”

One user said that the price is similar to that of budget Indian cars.

“You can buy Maruti Alto or a Gucci kurta at the same price!”

An angry netizen wrote: “I’m not giving more than 200 for this sh*t I have like 10 of these wtf.”

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