Free ICC T20 Cricket Apps and Games

With the ICC World Twenty20 well underway in India, 2016, here are some of the free cricket apps available for you to download on Apple or Android.

Free ICC T20 Cricket Apps and Games

This app is faultless. It is as beautiful as MS Dhoni’s trademark ‘helicopter shot’

Cricket is returning to our lives and screens with a bang.

The ICC World Twenty20 has begun. Sixteen men’s, and ten women’s, teams are vying to win the tournament which is being held in India.

Such a vast array of countries will be taking part in the sixth edition of this prestigious tournament; from India to Oman, and England to Hong Kong.

While our cricketing heroes are out in force, many of us will unfortunately continue to be confined to work, school, or other places where we are unable to keep up to date with our respective teams or the latest competition events.

We test 5 apps – that are available on Apple or Android – to see if they satisfy the excruciating pain of not knowing the latest scores.

ICC World Twenty20 India 2016


The official tournament app is available on both Google Play, and the App Store, and is quite honestly, perfect.

It offers users a significant amount of information on both the men’s and women’s respective T20 tournaments.

Details regarding: fixtures, results, standings, statistics, photos, videos, news and teams is all readily available. Access to this key information is made simpler by the app’s user friendly interface and great layout.

Most importantly, the app provides ball by ball coverage, a regularly updated scorecard, and match day photos and videos for you to know and see exactly what’s going on. You can also select your favourite teams in order to be provided with all of the latest information on them.

People are also able to get themselves involved through participating in various polls.

This app is faultless. It is as beautiful as MS Dhoni’s trademark ‘helicopter shot’, and receives a DESIblitz maximum score.

DESIblitz SCORE: 10/10

ICC 2016 Twenty20 World Cup India


This nice, clear app is laid out simply to maximise usability. Currently, it is only available for Apple users.

Upon opening, users are presented with the latest World Cup group standings – no more working out of run rates to see who is ahead of who.

A full tournament schedule is provided, and users have the ability to refine that in order to view a single team’s entire fixture list. This is done simply by clicking on any respective team name.

Users can also read informative paragraphs on each of the tournament venues, and view which fixtures are due to be played at them.

However, despite in depth information on the venues, there is no such detail available regarding teams or players, and that is what this app lacks. It just needs a little more.

This is a good app, but not a great one. Many of us have very little, or even no phone storage to spare. If you are one of those people, then this is the app for you. It gives all of the essential information that you need to keep up to date and uses just 4.6MB of memory.

The app receives a cricketing maximum, but unfortunately not the largest of ratings.

DESIblitz SCORE: 6/10

ICC T20 World Cup 2016


Beware of this app which is currently available only on the App Store.

It is unlikely that this app is a safe one for your devices; riddled with grammatical errors, it essentially serves as a link to various other unsafe sites.

Do not be drawn in by its offer of live streaming as it redirects you to an unstable site via the internet.

Also, the app offers its users the tournament ‘match schedual’ – oops think that is meant to be ‘schedule’ there – this is again a link, and redirects you to the official ICC fixture list.

Live scores are available, but not in a clear manner. The app does not have a good user interface, and therefore only scores a single.

DESIblitz SCORE: 1/10

T20 Cricket World Cup 2016


This app is extremely simple with not many options for its users.

It is able to present, however, the key details of where and when matches will take place.

Unfortunately for any of its users, this app is plagued by ads. Pop ups take over your screen upon every click and after every few seconds.

You will simply not be able to use it without becoming frustrated, and for that reason the app only scores a couple of runs.

DESIblitz SCORE: 2/10

Cricbuzz – Live Cricket Scores and News


A good app for any cricket fanatics. Cricbuzz is available for users on Apple and Android.

Similar to the official tournament app, it provides a bally by ball breakdown of live matches with textual commentary to ensure you are completely up to date with ongoing events.

Various videos are available to view, as well as top cricketing news stories.

The ICC World Twenty20 has its own page on the app which provides its users with an array of information on the tournament.

Details regarding: scores, fixtures, tables, records, teams, history, and much more is available to app users.

You can also set up notifications to receive the latest news on your favourite teams. Furthermore, Cricbuzz has its own fantasy cricket game.

The app can still be used following the conclusion of the tournament as it is a general cricket app. Cricbuzz is a good competitor to the official app.

DESIblitz SCORE: 9/10

The winners of the 2016 World T20 will be decided on April 3, 2016, with the final due to be played at Eden Gardens.

Following swiftly on, and continuing the cricket season in style, will be the latest edition of the star-studded Indian Premier League (IPL) which begins on April 9, 2016.

Be aware that many apps relating to the 2016 Twenty20 World Cup are named very similarly.

Hopefully you are able to keep up to date with the ICC World Twenty20, with one of the above listed apps, when you are unable to watch it live.

Keiran is a passionate English graduate with a love for all things sport. He enjoys time with his two dogs, listening to Bhangra and R&B music, and playing football. "You forget what you want to remember, and you remember what you want to forget."

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