Bryan William breaks silence on Salon ‘Assault’

Celebrity makeup artist Bryan William has broken his silence on the allegations that he was assaulted by Robina Khan Shah’s husband.

Bryan William breaks silence on Salon 'Assault' f

"all of a sudden I was being violently dragged"

Celebrity makeup artist Bryan Williams has spoken out about the claims that he was attacked by the husband of model Robina Khan Shah.

Bryan had previously stayed silent about the incident and only took to Instagram to repost the stories that had been posted by fellow members of the industry, such as Mushk Kaleem.

Bryan has now given his version of events on social media. He explained:

“Yesterday I was physically assaulted and harassed by 5 armed gunmen at the place of my work. Why?

“Because I refused to carry an expensive jewellery item for a model while she was shooting.

“It all started when the model asked me to keep her jewellery with me, to which I refused to take responsibility because it was not part of my job.

“And more importantly, we’re not allowed by Nabila to keep personal items of other models with us. I told her that you can ask the stylist team who is responsible for it to keep it for you.”

However, it was Bryan’s refusal that caused Robina to argue with him.

Bryan William continued:

“This is when she snapped and started abusing and threatening me. We had a brief argument and then I continued my work.

“This happened in the middle of the shoot and we still had clothes left that needed to be shot.”

Bryan said that although the argument became physical, he chose to stay calm and continued his work before Robina’s husband and armed men came in and attacked him.

“A few moments later I saw 4-5 armed gunmen climbing up the stairs, and all of a sudden I was being violently dragged from the second floor to the ground floor.

“As I was being dragged, the gunmen and the model’s husband were beating me mercilessly, without even bothering to have a conversation about the incident.”

Since news of the incident broke out, Nabila Salon also released a statement in which they stated that it was their priority to ensure their members of staff were protected at all times.

The statement read: “The safety, respect, and dignity of our employees is of utmost importance.

“We only choose to associate with professionals who share similar values.”

Members of the fashion industry have come out in support of Bryan and it was later revealed that the incident took place on the set of Mina Hasan’s photoshoot.

The designer said: “We were subjected to an unfortunate incident yesterday, where a model in poor taste, called her husband and armed guards to assault a team member on set.

“This behaviour is deplorable and physical violence should never be tolerated.”

“Our team apprehended the situation to the best of our ability to protect [its] member and immediately asked her and her entourage to leave the premises.

“Needless to say, there will never be a place for such lawlessness here at Mina Hasan and that we will be taking action against those responsible.”

The statement also highlighted that there was no place for guns in a female-driven industry.

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