Bollywood Stars slammed for Escaping Covid-19 Spread

Numerous Bollywood stars have been slammed for escaping India’s Covid-19 crisis to enjoy holidays in lavish destinations.

Bollywood Stars slammed for Escaping Covid-19 Spread f

Disha openly flaunted bikini pictures on Instagram.

Bollywood stars have been labelled “insensitive” and “shameless” for flying to destinations like the Maldives to escape India’s Covid-19 crisis.

India is currently experiencing a significant second wave, with the country running out of medical supplies like oxygen.

However, a number of Bollywood stars decided to escape the ongoing crisis by going on holiday.

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were shamed after they brazenly shared pictures of them arriving at Mumbai Airport on April 19, 2021.

The Instagram photo was captioned: “Maldives calling.”

The couple had only just recovered from coronavirus themselves before getting on a plane.

Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff also travelled to the Maldives.

They went on April 18, 2021, while India continued to battle surging infection rates.

While Ranbir, Alia and Tiger kept a low profile on social media during their trip, Disha openly flaunted bikini pictures on Instagram.

Bollywood Stars slammed for Escaping Covid-19 Spread

Both couples were forced to return to avoid becoming stranded when a tourism ban was imposed on those travelling from India to destinations including the Maldives.

Despite the criticism, Ranbir posted another picture of himself and Alia, this time returning home, with the caption: “Back to Mumbai.”

Shraddha Kapoor was another celebrity who left India to go to the Maldives.

She posted several pictures of herself at the destination island, with one picture captioned:

“Another day in paradise.”

Janhvi Kapoor also flaunted numerous selfies in the Maldives.

Netizens were outraged at the Bollywood stars for flaunting their “privilege” on their luxury holidays while many Indian citizens struggled to breathe.

Bollywood Stars slammed for Escaping Covid-19 Spread 2

One person wrote: “Really pathetic of these guys.”

Another commented:

“Celebrities showed their true face in times of pandemic.”

A third said: “Where the hell these celebs going? When the entire nation is in such a crisis and the govt is imposing lockdowns? Can’t their vacations wait for a bit?”

Following the criticism, celebrities like Janhvi Kapoor changed their social media posts to be more mindful of the pandemic.

Janhvi had posted a magazine cover of herself and wrote:

“In these trying times, I know it’s important to be sensitive to the troubles we as a country are facing & I would never want to be inconsiderate towards that.

“This cover, however, and the subsequent posts of it had been committed to a while back and were shot before lockdown.

“We were as safe and precautious as possible. I hope all of you are staying safe and strong.”

Bollywood Stars slammed for Escaping Covid-19 Spread 3

On April 22, 2021, Janhvi also posted an apology:

“I’m sorry for every time I didn’t value what you’ve given us… Sorry for thinking you’d never run out of patience waiting for us to care for you the way you’ve cared for us.

“For ignoring the tears you shed every time you watched us abuse ourselves, each other, and you- our home.

“I hope we earn back the right to roam freely, wander with abandon.

“Earn back the luxury to share our thoughts, our voices, our dreams and to realise them – in a tangible realm.

“The luxury to breathe the same air without suspecting it of a disease that might take our life…”

This comes as India continues struggling to cope with a surge in Covid-19 cases, reaching global highs.

Hundreds of patients have reportedly died because hospitals ran out of life-saving oxygen.

Although international companies like Google have donated to help the country manage the crisis, experts say India’s second wave has not reached its peak yet.

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