Bollywood Singer Sunidhi Chauhan is Pregnant with her First Baby

While fans celebrated her birthday, Sunidhi Chauhan had more good news in store. She and husband Hitesh Sonik are expecting their first baby!

Bollywood Singer Sunidhi Chauhan is Pregnant with her First Baby

"Its a new chapter in Sunidhi’s life and we all are very happy and equally excited."

Singer Sunidhi Chauhan is expecting her first baby with husband Hitesh Sonik, after five years of marriage!

The exciting news emerged on 14th August 2017, the same day as her 34th birthday. We can imagine the expectant mother would have enjoyed a blissful day, especially with the news of her pregnancy becoming revealed to fans.

Sunidhi Chauhan is also reportedly in the fifth month of her pregnancy. Meaning in just a few months time, fans will keep a close eye for the birth announcement.

A source first revealed to Indian Express that the popular singer would soon expect her first baby. They said:

“Yes, Sunidhi is five months pregnant. She hasn’t announced it to many except her family and close friends. In fact, she has minimalised her outings as to avoid any paparazzi spotting her with her baby bump.

“She is very excited and like any soon to be mommy, is busy preparing for the baby’s arrival and decorating her house.”

This also may explain why Sunidhi Chauhan hasn’t updated her Instagram with recent pictures of herself. Eventually, the singer’s father appeared to confirm the news, as he also told Indian Express:

“Its a new chapter in Sunidhi’s life and we all are very happy and equally excited. Sunidhi has always been a hardworking child and has made us all proud with her work. But now that we will soon be grand parents I just can’t contain my happiness.”

The talented Bollywood singer married her second husband Hitesh Sonik back in April 2012. Her previous marriage to Bobby Khan failed when she was just 18-years-old.

However, Sunidhi and Hitesh have enjoyed five wonderful years of marriage. In an interview before their wedding, Hitesh explained how he fell in love with the stunning star, saying:

“That Sunidhi is a wonderful singer is only a part of her personality. I love her first and foremost for the person she is. She has blended so well into my family. My folks dote on her. And I am very comfortable with her family too.”

And now with the exciting news of the singer expecting her first baby, the couple look set to have a fantastic time ahead of them.

DESIblitz wishes congratulation to Sunidhi Chauhan and Hitesh Sonik!

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Images courtesy of Sunidhi Chauhan Official Instagram.

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