Are Abdu Rozik and MC Stan in a Feud?

Reports have suggested that ‘Bigg Boss 16’ contestants Abdu Rozik and MC Stan are embroiled in a heated feud.

Are Abdu Rozik and MC Stan in a Feud f


the rapper refused to speak to him.

According to recent reports, social media influencer Abdu Rozik and rapper MC Stan have fallen out since their appearance on Bigg Boss 16.

The pair became good friends on the reality show.

However, the friendship seems to have ended.

Abdu’s management team has made an official statement addressing the situation.

The post read: “We felt it was necessary to clear up the matter officially regarding MC Stan since Abdu is receiving some backlash and hate without the public knowing any scenario.”

Additionally, it stated that Abdu tried to approach Stan numerous times but was treated disrespectfully by Stan’s personnel.

Detailing the instances, the letter stated that on March 10, when Abdu met Sajid Khan, the rapper had called the filmmaker but when Abdu enthusiastically greeted him on the call, the rapper refused to speak to him.

The letter also detailed another situation in which Abdu wanted to support his friend by going to an MC Stan concert.

While MC Stan’s staff did not make any plans to have the two of them meet, it was claimed that Abdu wished to meet him at the event.

Abdu Rozik decided to attend the event as an audience member to support the rapper.

But, Stan’s team allegedly forbade Abdu from entering the venue and informed his team that they had been told to do so by the rapper.

According to the statement, MC Stan has turned down professional partnerships with Abdu despite numerous companies pleading with him to work with the Tajikistani artist.

The letter continued by claiming that Abdu had upset MC Stan by declining to take a picture with the rapper’s mother after leaving the Bigg Boss house.

However, Abdu Rozik’s team asserted that Abdu had never been requested to take a picture with her.

The letter also indicated how Abdu’s collaboration video had been requested by Stan’s team but later removed without Abdu’s knowledge.

This led to Abdu being blamed for deleting the video.

The concluding statement of the team said:

“More than all of these small issues Abdu is saddened by the fact that the public and media are treating Abdu like a baby or that he does not understand anything.

“Abdu spent 105 days in the Bigg Boss house on his own with no support, family or management.

“As little or large an issue may be, respect is so important between brothers and between fans and their idols.

“We condemn anyone who is being racist, body shaming, bullying, height shaming and defaming Abdu and will take action against the specific group of accounts who are doing this.”

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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