Anubhav Kumar’s incredible Weight Loss Transformation

Influencer Anubhav Kumar has shared one of the most amazing weight loss transformations. He speaks exclusively to DESIblitz about his journey.

Anubhav Kumar’s incredible Weight Loss Transformation f

"I had suffered kidney stones and had a fatty liver."

Weight loss influencer Anubhav Kumar from Bangalore, India has shared his immaculate weight loss transformation.

Concerning health worries, motivation and the elimination of junk food were the contributing factors toward Anubhav’s weight loss journey.

He set out to achieve a bodyweight of 64 kilograms which was ideal for his BMI (Body Mass Index).

Anubhav aimed to strategically lose weight. First through achieving the right diet and brisk walking and then towards running.

His dietary and attitude changes led him to shed an incredible 17 kilograms in four months.

Anubhav spoke exclusively to DESIblitz about the changes he made in his diet, exercise and attitude in order to lose weight.

Anubhav Kumar’s incredible Weight Loss Transformation - before&after

What prompted you to start your weight loss journey?

I was having some health issues and they were getting serious with my increasing weight. Recently, I had suffered kidney stones and had a fatty liver.

One day, when I went to meet my sister, she told me about a video in which she saw a lady in her 50s who went for medical checkups.

After seeing her report, the doctor admired her report saying, ‘Your kidneys and liver are as young and healthy as that of a kid’s.’

“I really got inspired by that lady and got serious to work on my weight as I, myself was suffering from liver and kidney problems being a young guy.

How much did you plan to lose and why?

As per BMI, my ideal weight should be around 64 kilograms. So, I had made a plan to lose weight in two-phrase.

“First, 10 kg weight loss with the right diet and brisk walking at least 10k steps a day.”

Then lose rest of the weight with running and dieting. This helped me strategies my weight loss plan to go little by little and not feel burden in one go.

How do you feel about losing 17 kilograms in 4 months?

I feel energetic, positive and gained my lost confidence back. I feel light and can climb stairs easily without feeling tired like before.

What were the challenges for you?

Due to the problem in my liver, I got severe pain in my knee. Running was not easy for me to lose weight.

So, I started my weight loss journey just with brisk walking. Later, when my weight was under control slowly I started running and now can easily run 10 km a day.

Anubhav Kumar’s incredible Weight Loss Transformation - food

What key diet changes did you make?

In breakfast, I mostly eat poha (flatten rice or vermicelli or semolina) with half a cup of milk tea (sugarless).

Though milk tea is not recommended I still like to drink it sugarless. I controlled the amount from four cups in a day to one cup and that too without sugar.

In lunch, I stick to two rotis or brown rice with low cal (calorie) veggies like cauliflower, cabbage, mushroom, bell peppers etc with one bowl of toor daal (split pigeon peas).

In evening snacks, I mostly eat sprouts salad with puffed rice with half a cup of milk tea (sugarless).

At night, mostly eat oats with veggies with half a glass of turmeric milk.

What kind of exercise helped most?

Frankly speaking, I just did brisk walking (later running) and nothing else throughout my weight loss journey. Never joined the gym to lose weight.

Anubhav Kumar’s incredible Weight Loss Transformation - exercise

How has the weight loss changed your life?

Healthy eating, drinking ten glasses of water, workout, motivation and new good habits worked like charm to me.

The water helped me shine my skin, pimples vanished and I look fairer than before. My kidney stone went with a daily intake of water.

I learned how to have self-control and its importance. I started helping people lose weight just by motivating them through my Instagram posts.

My weight loss gave me the energy to start my own weight loss website to help others with my story and tips.

Interacting with people helped me gain more confidence to keep working for a healthy lifestyle and maintain my weight.

What would you say to those who try and fail?

I have seen a few guys who started walking with me last year but still struggling to shed down their weight. They always ask me how I was able to lose weight.

“Even though, I always insisted them to focus on the right diet and workout simultaneously.”

But their only interest was doing some workouts without following any calorie-restricted diet. And this is why they are still stuck in the same position.

I know they overdose themselves throughout the day without worrying about calories in the hope of their half an hour walk will help them lose weight.

I believe no workout is useful if you are not in a calorie deficit to lose weight. Healthy living is not a task but a way of living a happy life.

Anubhav Kumar’s incredible Weight Loss Transformation - quote

What foods do you never eat anymore?

I almost left everything which falls under the category of junk food. They not only pollute your weight but your overall health as well.

How do you wish to maintain the loss?

I am already maintaining my weight from the last three months with a healthy diet and regular workouts like running and yoga.

Writing fitness articles for my website and helping people on Instagram keeps me engaged in fitness talk which helps me a lot to keep working on my fitness and this maintain my weight.

Losing 17 kilograms within four months while dealing with health worries is certainly an amazing achievement and inspiring.

Anubhav Kumar’s incredible Weight Loss Transformation - hand stand

Anubhav’s transformation detailing his dietary and exercise routine is one that can be replicated to help you lose weight.

Alongside sharing the necessary steps he took, he also provided motivational advice to those who aim to improve their fitness and wellbeing.

For more information about Anubhav Kumar and his weight loss transformation follow on @anubhav.mission on Instagram and visit his website.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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