Mia Khalifa brutally shuts down Troll’s ‘Condom’ Remark

Mia Khalifa shut down a troll with a brutal seven-word response to his “condom” jibe about one of her revealing outfits.

Mia Khalifa brutally shuts down Troll's 'Condom' Jibe f

"Looking like a used condom."

Mia Khalifa brutally shut down a troll who criticised one of her revealing outfits.

She took to social media to show off her curves in a very clingy green latex dress and coat.

Designed by Avellano, Mia stood on a balcony and displayed the bold outfit.

She captioned the post: “Fresh out the runway Avellano.

“Hunter green latex dress and trench of my DREAMS!!!

“Thank you Arthur Avellano. I’m so honoured to slither myself into one of your pieces, let alone one STRAIGHT FROM THE SHOW!

“Congratulations on this iconic collection!”

Some fans loved how she looked while others were less than impressed.

On X, one person who went by the name Milky Galaxy tweeted:

“Looking like a used condom.”

The tweet grabbed the former adult film star’s attention and not one to stay quiet, Mia brutally fired back:

“Your mom should’ve left you in one.”

Some found the reply hilarious, with one commenting:

“Epic reply.”

Another wrote: “Lol, damn. Mia is taking the gloves off for the haters.”

One person said: “Bro got destroyed.”

However, many slammed Mia and appeared to agree with the social media user.

One said: “But I think the man is right, your dress actually looks like a used condom, why you so mad about it?”

Another agreed: “True though.”

A third posted:

“She’s mad cause it’s true.”

Claiming that the man’s comment “rattled” Mia, one said:

“Hahaha he got you rattled.”

On Instagram, fans agreed with the man over how the outfit looked.

A user said: “Wearing a big condom.”

Mia Khalifa brutally shuts down Troll's 'Condom' Jibe

One person believed the outfit was impractical, writing:

“I just know that s*** gotta be hard to put on and take off though.”

The putdown comes after Mia Khalifa recently claimed she wanted to visit North Korea to “learn”.

She wrote: “On my way to North Korea to learn and see with my own eyes.”

While Mia did not reveal what she was looking to learn, fans were eager to know.

One posted: “If this was a joke you should seriously consider it, one of the most beautiful and hospitable counties on this planet despite everything you might’ve heard about them.

“You should absolutely see with your own eyes and tours go to every single city and town in the country nowadays!”

Another chimed in: “I didn’t even think Americans were allowed there. I just learned something myself.”

A third added: “Is Kim [Jong-un] getting lucky?”

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