7-Year-Old US Indian Girl sings ‘Surrender’ to Celine Dion

US Indian girl Anjali Singh, aged seven, got to share the spotlight with singer Celine Dion, singing one of her popular songs to her!

7-Year-Old US Indian Girl sings Surrender to Celine Dion - ft

"She got to sing to her idol, Celine Dion at the Caesars Colosseum."

A US Indian girl by the name of Anjali Singh had her wish come true when she got to share the spotlight with Celine Dion at her concert on Friday, March 15, 2019.

The seven-year-old from Los Angeles, California attended Dion’s show at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

Dion, who has a residency in Las Vegas passed the microphone to the young girl so that she could sing in front of the crowd.

Dion said to Anjali: “I’m gonna give you my microphone, and you can turn around and sing at the Colosseum of Las Vegas.”

Anjali then belted out Celine Dion’s 2002 hit ‘Surrender’ in front of the amazed concertgoers.

It was an impressive rendition that drew huge cheers from the crowd.

The Grammy winner was so impressed by the young singer that she gave Anjali a hug and even asked for her autograph which she received on stage.

Dion told Anjali: “You are the best. I got a brand new friend, thank you for singing for all of us tonight.”

7-Year-Old US Indian Girl sings Surrender to Celine Dion - concert

Anjali’s mother Anitha Singh filmed the moment and shared it on social media along with the caption:

“Anjali’s dream came true tonight! She got to sing to her idol, Celine Dion at the Caesars Colosseum.

“She even got a kiss and a hug. Thank you Celine Dion for giving Anjali a memory of a lifetime.”

Mrs Singh spoke to ‘Good Morning America’ and said that her daughter has been a fan of Dion since she first heard her music at two years old.

But seeing her daughter on stage with the singer was an unforgettable moment.


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Mrs Singh said: “My husband and I, we were both there with our younger daughter and our hearts soared for her.

“We knew it was something she’s always wanted. It brought tears to our eyes.

“We want Celine Dion to know that Anjali thanks her so much for making her dream come true.”

7-Year-Old US Indian Girl sings Surrender to Celine Dion - anjali

It is a once in a lifetime moment for any fan but Anjali is no stranger to the spotlight.

She regularly sings the National Anthem at UCLA and USC basketball games in Los Angeles, where she resides with her family.

Anjali also performs at farmer’s markets and enjoys singing hits by Whitney Houston as well as Celine Dion.

After this performance, it may not be long before someone recognises Anjali’s talents as a singer.

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