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  • 7 Asians on the Top 100 UK Entrepreneurs List

    Among the Top 100 most influential entrepreneurs on social media in the UK are seven outstanding British Asians. DESIblitz brings you the full list.

    7 Asians on the Top 100 UK Entrepreneurs List

    Young business minds from the British Asian community making all the right noises on social media.

    Seven British Asians are among the Top 100 most influential entrepreneurs on social media.

    These include familiar names, such as James Caan (former investor on BBC’s reality show Dragon’s Den) and Lord Karan Bilimoria (co-founder of Cobra Beer).

    Refreshingly, young British Asian entrepreneurs are also recognised for their contribution: Darshan Sanghrajka, Neha Manaktala, Rajeeb Dey, Rishi Chowdhury and Tushar Agarwal.

    Darshan, a graduate of University of St. Andrews, is the founder of Super Being Labs which offers business solutions by combining creativity with technology.

    7 Asians on the Top 100 UK Entrepreneurs ListAs the only British Asian woman on the list, Neha specialises in finance and started her own company called DealIndex in 2014.

    The 29-year-old Rajeeb enjoys an impressive profile, having been named the world’s youngest Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2012.

    The co-founder of StartUp Britain, backed by Prime Minister David Cameron, is also the CEO of Enternships.com – a ‘portal for work placements and jobs in leading start-ups and dynamic businesses across Europe’.

    Rishi from Twickenham is the founder of IncuBus Ventures, based in Camden, to help accelerate young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 25.

    Former investment banking analyst Tushar is now the CEO of Hubble, ‘an online marketplace for renting office space’.

    He says:

    “I listen to a lot of rap music, so I get a lot of inspiration from that.

    “I’d have to quote Notorious B.I.G. from one of his most famous interviews: ‘keep learning, keep hustling and treat every day as if it’s your first day as an intern’.”

    7 Asians on the Top 100 UK Entrepreneurs ListThis list is compiled by Rise, an online scorekeeping website, by measuring the Klout scores –‘social media activity and engagement’ – of business founders in the UK.

    While Virgin’s Richard Branson may be at the top now, this list changes every fortnight so it will be interesting to see how quickly power shifts in the online space.

    7 Asians on the Top 100 UK Entrepreneurs List

    Here is the full list of the Top 100 Entrepreneurs in the UK:

    1. Richard Branson
    2. Victoria Beckham
    3. Lord Sugar
    4. Duncan Bannatyne
    5. Justin Matthew
    6. Theo Paphitis
    7. Peter Jones
    8. Deborah Meaden
    9. Pete Cashmore
    10. James Caan
    11. Jamal Edwards
    12. Brent Hoberman
    13. Mary Portas
    14. Martha Lane Fox
    15. Saul Klien
    16. Jacqueline Gold
    17. Michelle Mone OBE
    18. Michael Acton Smith
    19. Emma Sinclair
    20. Richard Carman
    21. Sherry Coutu
    22. Lord Ashcroft
    23. Michael Birch
    24. Sue Black
    25. Andrew J Scott
    26. Oli Barrett
    27. Mike Turner
    28. Robert Craven
    29. Shaa Wasmund MBE
    30. Kanya King MBE
    31. Sarah Willingham
    32. Duena Bomstrom
    33. James Watt
    34. Matt Hodkinson
    35. Elizabeth Varley
    36. Tim Fuell
    37. Charlie Mullins OBE
    38. Steve Karmeinsky
    39. Josef Dunne
    40. Rishi Chowdhury
    41. Duane Jackson
    42. Andy McLoughlin
    43. Tom Ball
    44. Nicolas Babin
    45. Hilary Devey CBE
    46. Kathryn Parsons
    47. Michael Hayman
    48. Rajeeb Dey
    49. John Caudwell
    50. Benjamin Southworth
    51. Julia Hobsbawm
    52. Richard Reed
    53. Elliot Ross
    54. Tom Bloxham
    55. Amber Atherton
    56. Pasa Mustafa
    57. Justin Pollard
    58. Scott Taylor
    59. Tink Taylor
    60. Sarah Wood
    61. Michael Litman
    62. Pier Paolo Mucelli
    63. Ollie Forsyth
    64. Luke Johnson
    65. Alex Tew
    66. Peter Lord
    67. Paul Lindley
    68. Will King
    69. Solomon Ian-Sangala
    70. Kirsty Henshaw
    71. Neha Manaktala
    72. Darshan Sanghrajka
    73. Rohan Silva
    74. Simon Devonshire
    75. Deborah Fuhr
    76. Calum Brannan
    77. Wendy White
    78. Laurence Kemball-Cook
    79. James Jameseder
    80. Nick Hungerford
    81. Martin Dickie
    82. Tamara Littleton
    83. Duncan Cheatle
    84. David Richards
    85. Julien Callede
    86. Mayel De Borniol
    87. Lex Deak
    88. Touker Suleyman
    89. Alicia Navarro
    90. John Vincent
    91. Fraser Doherty
    92. Mark Pearson
    93. Aidan Fitzpatrick
    94. Chantal Coady
    95. Lord Karan Bilimoria
    96. Richard Moross
    97. Neil Westwood
    98. Tushar Agarwal
    99. Rowan Gormley
    100. John Mitchinson

    7 Asians on the Top 100 UK Entrepreneurs ListIt is encouraging to see established entrepreneurs as well as young business minds from the British Asian community making all the right noises on social media.

    In our world today, harnessing the right kind of influence on these platforms can go a very long way in growing a company and making a real difference.

    Scarlett is an avid writer and pianist. Originally from Hong Kong, egg tart is her cure for homesickness. She loves music and film, enjoys travelling and watching sports. Her motto is “Take a leap, chase your dream, eat more cream.”

    Images courtesy of James Caan official website, Ernst & Young and Forbes


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