6 Best Instagrammable Cafes & Restaurants in Pakistan

Aesthetics are important when deciding where to eat. DESIblitz brings you the best Instagrammable cafes and restaurants in Pakistan.

6 Instagramable Cafes and Restaurants in Pakistan - f

“Super classy ambience, I just loved it."

Pakistan is not short on restaurants and cafes when it comes to offering some of the most flavoursome dishes.

However, there has been relatively few cafes and restaurants in Pakistan that combine good food with Instagrammable decor.

Sure, the tantalising menus and top-quality customer service is the difference between a good or bad dining experience, however, that is just a segment of eating out.

The atmosphere and eye-catching interiors make a dining experience stand out.

The aesthetics of cafes and restaurants are extremely important these days, especially if it’s going on Instagram.

After all, if you go out to eat and don’t Instagram it, did it even happen?

In the last decade or so, with the rise of social media, Pakistan has seen an upsurge in cafes and restaurants with quirky Insta-worthy decor. However, these spots can sometimes be hard to find.

DESIblitz have compiled a list of the best Instagrammable cafes and restaurants in Pakistan that are sure to make it onto your Instagram.

MariBelle Cafe – Lahore & Karachi

6 Instagramable Cafes and Restaurants in Pakistan - MariBelle

If baby pink, flowers and visually appealing foods are your kind of thing then you need to take a trip to MariBelle.

MariBelle is a European-inspired cafe that has branches in Lahore and Karachi.

The decor is to die for with its velvet pink seats, eye-catching murals, depicting the New York skyline and checkered floors.

Their tables are extremely unique, each table has pink and white roses underneath the glass, which is the perfect backdrop for your food pictures.

MariBelle is a pink lover’s haven!

The MariBelle is bursting with super cute spots to take the best pictures for the ‘gram.

The cafe includes a baby pink telephone booth that has a floral interior, as well as the classic flower wall with an LED sign stating “Adventure Awaits, but First Dessert”.

If the gorgeous interior isn’t enough for you, then there is a pink Volkswagen situated outside of the Karachi branch, which provides the perfect backdrop for all your Insta pictures.

MariBelle’s decor is one of the main attractions of the cafe and it is loved by many. One customer praised the design:

“Super classy ambience, I just loved it. Everything seems so perfect, even their coffee cups were so lovely.

“Looks like someone really spent a lot of time to decorate the restaurant, the pink theme is just too good.”

Another said: “I enjoyed my meal and I suggest to my friends to visit MariBelle.

“The interior of the restaurant is very cool and they serve food in a very gentle way. They take care of your comfort and your privacy – it’s one of my favourite restaurants in Lahore.”

Take a look at the full decor at their Karachi branch:

You can visit the MariBelle for breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner.

They sell a range of food from stuffed chicken and sandwiches to pasta dishes and soups. However, the star of the show have to be their desserts, which are all presented impeccably.

The dessert menu includes: chocolate mousse, Lotus Biscoff milk cake and cheesecakes.

A popular dessert for birthday treats is the “Sweet Love” dessert, which is described as:

“MariBelle’s signature dessert. Dark chocolate noir shell with a surprise of delectable cake, vanilla mouse, a hint of mint, pistachios with crunch and a secret sauce to pour.”

The hot sauce can be poured over the chocolate to reveal the cake.

Many love the presentation at MariBelle. Ayesha* told DESIblitz:

“One thing I love about the MariBelle is that the dish could be super simple, but they make it look so good. I love the plates and decor.”

This cafe is very different in comparison to others in Pakistan, however, it is just as good. A must visit if you are ever in Lahore or Karachi.

Visit their Instagram here.

EASY – Karachi

6 Instagramable Cafes and Restaurants in Pakistan - EASY by Fatsos

Beyoncé-inspired neon signs, New York-style doughnuts and the most stunning burgers – EASY is an Instagrammer’s dream.

EASY is a cafe in Karachi. It is described as a “friendly carb factory!”

It is the perfect picturesque cafe. Above the counter is a huge neon pink sign quoting the famous Beyoncé lyric “Who run the world?”, which makes the perfect backdrop for all your Insta photos.

EASY offers a range of the most mouth-watering foods such as hot dogs, fritters, pizza and burgers.

They serve an interesting selection of burgers which includes a chipotle chicken burger and a chicken katsu burger, which includes tonkatsu sauce.

However, their doughnuts are easily a fan favourite. One customer said:

“This cafe probably has the best doughnuts in town.

“I loved it. It’s a cute little cafe and they have great coffee too. A must-try.”

Maha Jawed, the owner, mentioned that the inspiration behind her cafe in an interview with Made Easy:

“In 2014 I went to New York for the first time and I tried these doughnuts over there, they were at this place called Dough.

“Growing up I’d always like doughnuts, but I never had eaten a doughnut like that in my life.”

Maha’s aim was to bring the doughnut styles and flavours you see abroad to Pakistan. She continued:

“The idea of bringing doughnuts to Pakistan was a very personal kind of decision because I always used to think the doughnuts you got abroad and the doughnuts in Pakistan were never a comparison.

“I spent about a year and a half perfecting the doughnuts we sell at EASY today.”

EASY’s doughnut menu includes a range of gourmet doughnuts decorated to perfection.

They sell flavours such as Lotus Biscoff, Espresso, Lemon Tart, Rose & Pistachio, Chocolate Brownie and a Rocky Road flavour.

The gourmet doughnuts cost Rs. 220 (94p) for one or between Rs. 1,300-2,450 (£5.60-£10.50) for boxes of 6 or 12.

Check out EASY for your doughnut fix. Visit their Instagram here.

FLOC – Lahore & Karachi

6 Instagramable Cafes and Restaurants in Pakistan - FLOC

This spot is a coffee enthusiast’s dream. FLOC, which stands for ‘For The Love of Coffee’, is a trendy coffee shop.

They have two spots in Pakistan, one at Zamzama in Karachi and the other at the co-working space Work Nation Space in Lahore.

FLOC really know their stuff when it comes to coffees and lattes.

Their Instagram is full to the brim with enticing coffees and lattes. Recently they have launched a Matcha Latte and a Beetroot Latte.

One customer stated that he has ditched his coffee at home for FLOC:

“It’s been the decade of coffee houses springing up wherever there’s a few hipsters to be seen, and this has held true in Karachi as well, which is why I usually just make a good Nescafe at home.

“But I was really, pleasantly surprised when I visited FLOC – For the Love of Coffee – in Karachi’s Zamzama this past week. Three times.

“Very good, cultured and well-made coffees by baristas who know what they’re doing. Also, great food too!”

“If you’re looking to meet a friend, hang out with a group of friends or just go read a book with a great cup next to you, this is the place I recommend.”

FLOC offer an extensive range of hot chocolates, ranging between Rs. 400-500 (£1.70-£2.10). The range includes:

  • Basic Hot Chocolate
  • Double Dark Hot Chocolate
  • Malted Hot Chocolate
  • FLOC Spicy Hot Chocolate
  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  • Lotus Candi Hot Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate
  • Orange Hot Chocolate
  • White Chocolate Dream
  • Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
  • Keto Hot Chocolate

They also sell a range of FLOC frappes that are sure to brighten up your Instagram stories.

FLOC also offer something quite unique that not many other places have, a Keto suitable menu. Aside from their usual menu, they have a whole menu that is dedicated to those practising a keto diet.

It is a popular spot for breakfast and brunch. Their steak eggs benedict is a firm brunch favourite.

Along with your food and coffee, there are lots of books and board games to entertain yourself while at FLOC.

FLOC is a modern coffee shop that is the perfect spot for casual Sunday mornings.

Visit their website here and their Instagram here.

The Monal – Islamabad

6 Instagramable Cafes and Restaurants in Pakistan - Monal

Now, this is not your typical “Instagrammable” restaurant with quirky decor or floral statement walls.

However, the views at this restaurant are to die for and are certainly Instagram worthy.

The Monal, located in Islamabad, is a spot you must visit when visiting the city.

Islamabad is the perfect city to explore amazing food, breathtaking views, as well as different cultures and The Monal encompasses all three!

Monal is situated approximately 1,100 metres above sea level.

You can see a panoramic view of the city, as well as the natural beauty and lush greenery of the Margalla Hills.

The views from this hilltop restaurant are breathtaking, as a customer explains:

“It’s a must place to visit whether you are local or a tourist. The natural beauty of this place is mesmerising.

“Whether you come in day or night, summer or winter you will never regret. Bring your best phone and camera to capture the breathtaking views.”

While another explains the distinctiveness of the restaurant:

“This place has been my favourite since I first came to Islamabad.

“It is the best if you need to enjoy the beautiful view of Margalla Hills and the aesthetic view of the beautiful city of Islamabad. This place has my heart.”

In terms of when to visit The Monal, both day and night offer amazing views of Islamabad. But many have said that visiting at sunset provides the most surreal experience.

One customer said:

“I love the view at sunset… when the natural light fades away over Islamabad and the street light start to pick up.”

Check out this video of the mesmerising sunset at The Monal:

The Monal restaurant offers a range of culinary delights, with its 5 live kitchens serving delicious dishes.

You will be sure to find something on their menu that suits your tastes, from authentic Pakistani cuisine to Chinese to pizza.

If you are unsure what single dish to go for they also offer different platters that give you a little taste of everything. The platters can be purchased for Rs. 730-1,200 (£3.20-£5.20) and include:

  • Pakistani Platter
  • Continental Platter
  • Kabuki Platter
  • Italian Platter
  • Chinese Platter
  • Vegetarian Platter
  • Mutton Lovers Platter
  • Hi-Tea Platter
  • Pakistani Breakfast Platter
  • Continental Breakfast Platter

Alongside the food and views, you can enjoy live music every evening, as well as special music evenings such as a Ghazal night.

The Monal is a major attraction in Islamabad. One customer said:

“Monal is a remarkable restaurant when it comes to food, scenes and vibes in general, truly speaking there is no complete trip to Islamabad without a night at Monal.”

The restaurant’s impressive views, atmosphere and food make it a popular spot for all in Islamabad.

You cannot deny that the stunning views are Insta-worthy.

Visit their website and Instagram for more information.

Service Lane – Lahore

6 Best Instagrammable Cafes & Restaurants in Pakistan - service

A bit of a different vibe to the others we have mentioned, but just as amazing.

Service Lane, located in Lahore, is Lahore’s first dynamic food court which features multiple different food start-ups.

Service Lane is described as:

“More than just your taste place. Service Lane inspires a sense of community and bonding through food.

“We believe in providing an ambience where food is not the only reason that keeps you coming back.

“Here, we cultivate a sense of community in the presence of diverse cuisines and a variety of genres. If we can all coexist and have fun here, so can you!”

The diverse cuisines offered include:

  • That’s My Grill – Fusion BBQ
  • Don Jon – Pizza
  • Lalabe – Burgers/Sandwiches
  • Baranh – Desi Nashta
  • Jay Bee’s – Dessert
  • Wrapchik – Wraps
  • Pan Man – Chinese/Thai

Service Lane has a more young and urban vibe to it.

The food court is filled to the brim with live music, neon yellow furniture, dynamic lights and hand-painted murals.

It is the perfect spot if you are looking for somewhere with great decor and casual vibes.

Check out their Instagram here.

Swing – Karachi

6 Instagramable Cafes and Restaurants in Pakistan - Swing

Swing, located in Karachi, is a cafe selling some of Pakistan’s most stunning foods.

They describe themselves as being a cafe that provides: “Pretty food. Pretty place. Pretty pictures.”

The interior of Swing is modern, yet feminine and elegant. The cafe has a light blue and pink theme to it and is equipped with the most gorgeous swing inspired chairs.

What’s an Instagrammable spot without a neon sign?

Swing has a neon pink sign that reads: “Life has its ups and downs, keep swinging!”

It is the perfect spot to take some Instagram shots.

They have a different floral wall display. Rather than filling the whole wall, it has more of a tree effect. It is more subtle, therefore providing a more classy look to the cafe.

If you visit Swing you are bound to fall in love with the decor, with one customer saying:

“The interior is aesthetically mind blowing and so is the food with such beautiful presentation!!”

“And of course the pictures!! Best place for some mind-blowing Insta stories!”

Another stated: “Loved the pink ambience with swing seats. Loved the food and service plus the gorgeous floral wall. Instagram worthy decor, highly creative and delicious food too so 5/5.”

Aside from the decor, the food is also well-loved by their customers and is equally as beautiful in terms of presentation.

One customer mentioned: “From the food to the ambience, friendly service and the right kind of vibe-this place has it all.

“If you are looking for quality Italian or Mediterranean food, check out this place.”

They serve a range of food options such as ramen, alfredo pasta, seafood, smoothie bowls and waffles – to just name a few.

If you are looking for a classy cafe to enjoy with both friends and family take a trip to Swing.

Visit their Instagram here.

Pakistan is certainly not short on restaurants and cafes that serve up some amazing culinary delights and these spots are no different.

We have brought you six of the best Instagrammable spots in Pakistan where you can enjoy good food and get some great shots for your Instagram profile.

So the next time you are in Pakistan and are looking for some tasty food and appealing decor, it is worth checking out some of these places.

Nishah is a History graduate with a keen interest in History and culture. She enjoys music, traveling and all things Bollywood. Her motto is: “When you feel like giving up remember why you started”.

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