5 Ways Desi Men can Improve their Style

More men are trying to develop their own personal style, but where to start? DESIblitz lists 5 ways to instantly enhance those outfits.

5 Ways Desi Men Can Improve Their Style - f

These minor tweaks will enhance any wardrobe

With the mainstream growth of fashion, Desi men are becoming more conscious of their style and the way they dress.

Over time, wardrobes are filled with the same plain shirts, dull trousers and monotone jackets.

Although this may be one’s preferred taste, there are still ways to improve the most basic pieces.

The thought among most men is that developing a style, buying smart and caring for their wardrobe is long-winded and difficult.

However, the simplicity in improving men’s style is heavily overlooked.

Whether it’s a tailored shirt or clean pair of trainers, the foundations of becoming more stylish are easier than most expect.

Along with improving style, men should also realise there is a duty of care to take when looking after their garments.

If a man’s shoes, t-shirts and jumpers look worn out then so will they.

So no matter the design of the individual pieces, it is imperative that clothes stay crisp for the overall outfit to look stylish.

Although most men have a solid foundation to develop from, it can be difficult to hone in on the exact elements that can enhance one’s style.

DESIblitz lists 5 ways in which Desi men can easily improve their style that will instantly rejuvenate their outfits.

Get Tailored

5 Ways Desi Men Can Improve Their Style - tailoring

Tailoring is often related to formalwear and many men visit the tailors before big occasions such as weddings or parties.

However, the tailors can be equally effective when adjusting normal garments such as jeans or t-shirts.

Buying the correct size is important and not every garment will need to be tailored, but it definitely improves any outfit.

For many Desi men, it can be struggling to find the correct fit and most will opt to settle for a size that does not compliment their body.

Men with bigger builds can often hide behind baggy clothes and confuse tailoring with tightness. However, it’s quite the opposite.

That is why tailoring is unique because the clothes are being adjusted to a specific body shape.

For example, jeans are the most neglected piece of clothing when it comes to correct fit and size.

Although there are many options for different sizes and cuts, jeans are one of the best garments to tailor because it instantly lifts the aesthetic of an outfit.

A good fitting pair of jeans paired with a slim fitting shirt would look dapper in the office and in a restaurant.

Desi men can also style the jeans up with a blazer for a more casual party outfit.

Even altering a baggy t-shirt to a more slender and fitting style will automatically add definition to one’s appearance.

Minor adjustments can start as little as £9, so the misconception that a person has to break the bank for tailoring is misleading.

Once men develop the habit of adjusting their clothes, the outfits they produce improve dramatically.

Classic White Trainers

5 Ways Desi Men Can Improve Their Style - white trainers

White trainers go unnoticed when it comes to improving style but they are essential for every man’s wardrobe.

A classic pair of white trainers can go with anything, whether it’s shorts or formal chinos, they complete any outfit.

Paired with blue jeans and a simple t-shirt will provide an American-style aesthetic.

Matched with navy trousers and a fitted jumper means white trainers offer a modern take on office wear.

Choosing the correct pair wisely is an important decision because some white trainers can look more informal.

Brands such as Vans and Nike offer the best options for simplicity yet styles that can be applied to different occasions.

The timeless classic can uplift a monotone outfit but can also tone down louder garments such as paisley shirts or bright jackets.

The white trainer truly offers the best versatility for men looking to replenish their wardrobe.

Many people fear white trainers because of the daunting prospect of easily ruining them.

However, products like ‘Crep Protect‘ and ‘Sneaky Spray’ offer the solution to preserve the pearly whiteness.

Starting from £40, this clean-cut sneaker is a vital element of a great wardrobe and can unlock anyone’s styling potential.

Lovely Layering

5 Ways Desi Men Can Improve Their Style - layers

An aspect of styling that is highly underappreciated is layering.

Layering is one of the basics of styling because it is easy to imitate and requires little to no spending.

It can be one of the most effective ways to upgrade a man’s style because it utilises clothes already in the wardrobe.

Basic layering essentials such as plain t-shirts means it is easy to create different outfits without having to break the bank.

It is a clever technique to showcase garments that have different lengths, cuts and patterns.

A longer cut t-shirt paired with a cropped jumper and tapered jeans is a simple outfit for men who are new to this method.

Layering is normally attached to winter as people are more inclined to wear undergarments, jumpers and jackets in the cold.

However, layering works across any season and any occasion.

For summer evenings, a clean white vest underneath a brash shirt, topped with a lightweight jacket is an impeccable combination.

For more formal occasions, incorporating contrasting waistcoats to suits adds a touch of elegance.

The most important aspect to remember about layering is that it requires one to understand the piece of clothing.

A slim-fitting hoody layered underneath a slender jacket would not work because both items are similar fits.

Whereas a more oversized style jacket would work better for the overall look and comfort.

Even practising different layering combinations can be invaluable and offer a much-needed insight into what works and what does not.

Desi men should definitely try this technique with their next outfit.

Utilising Jewellery

5 Ways Desi Men Can Improve Their Style - ring

Adding jewellery into one’s daily wardrobe is a great way to enhance outfits, especially when wearing darker colours.

Mistakenly thought of as just accessories for women, men’s jewellery is now everpresent in the fashion world.

Watches are the pinnacle of men’s accessories but rings and necklaces are equally effective.

Even minimal nose-piercings have become popular among male fashionistas.

A great combination that would transcend an all-black outfit is a thin gold chain and minimal gold ring.

This pairing instantly lifts the darker garments on the body because it adds a touch of light and contrast.

Equally, silver rings work great with warmer colours and provide that pop of chrome that gleams in the sunlight.

Although these pieces can start from £17, it is vital to note that the price will reflect the quality.

For example, good quality sterling silver is an important factor when looking for silver jewellery because it will slow down the tarnishing.

All silver jewellery is mixed with copper so it is critical to take care of these fragile pieces.

A good habit is putting on jewellery last and taking it off first. This minimises the contact between the piece and chemicals or perspiration.

Online retailers like ASOS are great places to browse because they have a wide selection of pieces for individual styles.

Jewellery also gives an avenue to represent one’s personality.

Different designs can allow Desi men to pick items that showcase elements of themselves, such as animals or letters that symbolise something deeper.

Overall, jewellery is a definitive way of improving one’s style and making outfits pop without overdressing.

Understanding How to Dress

5 Ways Desi Men Can Improve Their Style - how to

The last but most important factor for men when improving style is knowing how to dress in the first place.

This means understanding one’s body, the outfit and the occasion to produce a showstopping ensemble.

Many men succeed in buying dapper clothes, but when constructing an outfit, there are important elements to consider.

For example, when layering it can be more appealing to tuck in an undershirt to give a more refined look.

Even something minuscule like deciding on sock colour is critical.

Men should remember to always choose socks that are the same colour as the trousers they are wearing.

As previously mentioned, taking care of garments is critical to improving a man’s style.

It means outfits always stay clean, fresh and ready for those spontaneous events.

Remembering to dry clean formalwear instead of using ordinary washing machines makes sure these fragile pieces stay crisp.

In addition, reading labels of clothes is a surefire way to preserve the fabric and avoid shrinkages.

Another great tip is to experiment with different styles, colours and textures.

This can provide invaluable knowledge on how to develop one’s personal style and provide options for those wanting to embrace unusual garments.

When exploring different brands, an underappreciated route to go down are thrift stores.

These type of stores specialise in vintage clothing but can stock unique pieces for a fraction of the price.

With hundreds of items from different time periods, it is easier to gauge one’s style in these stores rather than high-street stores that will only stock items in season and on-trend.

Putting it Together

As this list highlights, the steps needed to boost one’s style are simple yet effective.

These staples of styling offer much-needed insight into evolving your style whilst highlighting how these essentials apply to all areas of your wardrobe.

Less is more. These minor tweaks will enhance any wardrobe but it is important to build your own knowledge of fashion.

Looking through magazines and social media will showcase an abundance of unique styles.

This is key because it emphasises the need to be proactive in order to decide what specific cuts, fabrics and designs are appealing.

Once this base has been established and these methods are applied, then your own personal style will surely flourish.

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