5 Bollywood-Inspired Outfits for Raksha Bandhan

Here are five stunning traditional looks from Bollywood divas that can inspire your Raksha Bandhan outfit.

5 Bollywood-Inspired Outfits for Raksha Bandhan - F

Emphasise your eyes with the allure of kohl.

The approaching Raksha Bandhan festival, which honours the special bond shared by siblings, is almost here.

This year, the festive spirit will be vibrant and lively on both August 30 and 31.

Originally, Rakhi symbolised bestowing prosperity upon siblings and pledging protection for them.

Nevertheless, in contemporary times, it’s common for sisters to tie rakhis to their brothers, and even for sisters to exchange rakhis, signifying a mutual sense of care.

Alongside these rituals, siblings also exchange gifts.

In India, no festival is deemed complete without the elegance of traditional garments, exquisite Indian jewellery, and a touch of allure.

Festivals present an excellent opportunity to don elaborate Indian ensembles, undergoing a remarkable transformation in appearance.

If you’re uncertain about what to wear on Raksha Bandhan and in search of something distinct and stylish, we have your needs addressed.

In matters of fashion and style, Bollywood celebrities shine exceptionally.

Below, you’ll find some of the most enchanting ethnic looks showcased by Bollywood divas, serving as splendid inspiration for your Raksha Bandhan attire.

Ananya Panday’s Ethereal White Lehenga

5 Celebrity-Inspired Outfits for Raksha Bandhan - 1-2The lehenga, a traditional Indian attire, possesses an innate ability to infuse a celebratory air into any festive occasion.

The era of vibrant and intricately embroidered lehengas has evolved, making way for the dominance of pastel hues and shimmering sequins.

An exemplary fashion icon who adeptly masters ethnic ensembles is Ananya Panday.

Her sense of style offers a wellspring of inspiration.

Drawing from Ananya’s fashion prowess, consider adorning yourself with a pastel sequined blouse, a choice that resonates perfectly with the prevailing trend.

Pair it elegantly with a net skirt in a harmonising shade, adorned with understated embroidery or a subtle print.

To complete the ensemble, drape a simple yet complementary dupatta, allowing the ensemble to strike a harmonious balance.

Elevate the Raksha Bandhan look further by embracing the adornments.

A choker necklace adds a touch of regality, while statement earrings inject a hint of drama and sophistication.

These carefully chosen accessories harmonise with the attire, enhancing its overall impact.

This meticulously curated ensemble is your key to making a stunning statement, ready to captivate attention and leave an indelible impression.

Alia Bhatt-Inspired Chiffon Saree

5 Celebrity-Inspired Outfits for Raksha Bandhan - 2If your style exudes minimalism, this Raksha Bandhan presents the ideal opportunity to bid farewell to mundane ensembles and immerse yourself in the allure of a chiffon saree.

Allow the elegance of this fabric to envelop you, creating an air of effortless grace.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Alia Bhatt, delve into the realm of fashion-forward choices.

Embrace a vivid pink chiffon saree, its lightweight and flowing texture offering a refreshing departure from the norm.

Complement it flawlessly with a chic sleeveless blouse that encapsulates contemporary finesse.

As you navigate the selection of accessories, opt for pieces that infuse a touch of trendiness into your look.

Juxtapose the traditional and modern with a pair of jhumkas, striking the perfect balance between heritage and current style.

With meticulous attention to detail, ensure your makeup serves as an artistic extension of your ensemble.

Adorn your eyes with the allure of kohl, lending them an enigmatic appeal.

Harmonise this with a lipstick shade that seamlessly matches the saree, culminating in a captivating coherence.

Sara Ali Khan’s Exquisite Three-Piece Ensemble

5 Celebrity-Inspired Outfits for Raksha Bandhan - 3Coordinated sets have emerged as a phenomenon, and what better way to embellish them than with the addition of a gracefully flowing long jacket?

Sara Ali Khan’s ensemble offers a splendid exemplification of this trend.

A dazzling crop top, resplendent with intricate sequin embroidery, harmoniously pairs with straight-fit trousers, forging a cohesive and appealing silhouette.

The pièce de résistance, however, is the full-sleeved, flared-bottom long jacket that encapsulates elegance and movement in a single piece.

This ensemble seamlessly amalgamates tradition with contemporary style sensibilities.

To pay homage to this arresting look, venture into the realm of traditional jewellery.

Allow these ornate pieces to enrich your ensemble, echoing the sentiment of time-honoured grace.

As you recreate Sara’s distinctive aesthetic, your hairstyle becomes a vital component.

Elevate the ensemble with a sleek ponytail adorned with a voluminous front puff, adding an element of chic sophistication.

With the canvas of your face as the final touch, infuse a hint of drama and allure through kohled eyes that exude depth and intensity.

Complement this with lips adorned in a glossy hue, a fusion of modernity and tradition that mirrors the ensemble’s synthesis of styles.

Mrunal Thakur’s Pastel Pink Kurta and Palazzo

5 Celebrity-Inspired Outfits for Raksha Bandhan - 4Mrunal Thakur’s pastel pink kurta ensemble offers a wellspring of inspiration.

If elaborate experiments aren’t your preference, this look serves as an ideal guide.

Mrunal Thakur’s outfit boasts a fitted kurta that harmoniously fuses form-fitting tailoring with exquisite floral embroidery that graces its surface.

This delicate embellishment imparts a touch of sophistication, adding a dimension of visual interest to the Raksha Bandhan ensemble.

The full sleeves and the incorporation of shiny buttons contribute to the meticulous attention to detail that defines this attire.

Complementing the kurta, the ensemble features a matching dupatta and palazzo pants, creating a seamless and cohesive silhouette.

The palazzo pants introduce a sense of fluidity and comfort to the look, an essential aspect of any well-rounded outfit.

Mrunal’s hairstyle plays an integral role in completing the overall aesthetic.

With her hair cascading down her back, parted elegantly at the centre, the look gains an added layer of charm.

This unfussy hairstyle enhances the ensemble’s innate grace.

Kriti Sanon’s Bralette Blouse and Sharara Look

5 Celebrity-Inspired Outfits for Raksha Bandhan - 5-2In the realm of celebrations, the vibrant hue of red reigns supreme, infusing an air of festivity and dynamism into any ensemble.

And what better way to incorporate this vivacious colour into your attire than by opting for a chic combination of a trendy blouse and a dazzling sharara?

Drawing inspiration from the fashion sensibilities of Kriti Sanon, you can effortlessly curate a look that exudes an enchanting ethnic charm.

Kriti Sanon’s Raksha Bandhan ensemble stands as a mesmerizing example of how to masterfully incorporate red into your outfit.

Begin with a red V-neck blouse that serves as the focal point of the ensemble.

This choice showcases both modern elegance and traditional allure, striking a perfect equilibrium.

The matching sharara trousers boast intricate gold embroidery, evoking a sense of opulence and sophistication.

Complementing this lavishness is a long, full-sleeved cape in a corresponding shade, which further elevates the ensemble’s regal aura.

To accessorise, opt for a pair of studded earrings that capture the light and effortlessly enhance your features.

A choker necklace lends a touch of royalty to the ensemble, completing the adornment scheme with panache.

Turning your attention to makeup, emphasise your eyes with the allure of kohl, creating an enigmatic gaze that beckons attention.

These Bollywood-inspired outfits provide an array of options to infuse your Raksha Bandhan celebrations with glamour and style.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional elegance or contemporary minimalism, these looks have you covered.

Embrace the spirit of festivity by taking cues from your favourite Bollywood stars, allowing their fashion choices to guide your own.

Remember, Raksha Bandhan is not just a celebration of the bond between siblings, but also a chance to express your individuality through fashion.

So, this year, let your outfit speak volumes as you honour tradition, make a statement, and create lasting memories.

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

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