10 Worst New Year’s Resolutions

Thinking of making a New Year’s resolution? You may want to think again as DESIblitz brings you the 10 worst resolutions for a new year.

New Year Resolutions

If you're planning to make changes for the first time, don't set yourself up to fail.

Every year, as many as 92 per cent of people fail to achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

Here at DESIblitz, we’re giving you the heads up as to what are the 10 worst resolutions to make, why they are likely to fail, and what can be done to ensure you achieve your goals for the new year.

We take a look at the worst New Year’s resolutions around:

1.     Go on a Diet

New Year DietVowing to go on a diet in the new year is one of the most common resolutions, so it’s no wonder many people fail.

If the leftover mince pies and choccies aren’t enough to overthrow willpower, the gloomy depths of winter definitely will and depriving yourself over the coldest months will only lead to more heartache.

If your aim is to shed the pounds, decide when’s best to start, and prepare for it first; plan healthy meals and avoid fad diets, find a jogging buddy and, most importantly, make sure the mince pies are polished off beforehand.

2.     Join a Gym

New Year GymAlong with dieting, joining a gym is a popular choice for people wanting to get fit and healthy post the festive period.

51 percent of New Year’s resolutions made in Britain are to improve health and fitness and you don’t have to fork out for an expensive gym membership or face dragging yourself out of the home to achieve this.

Creating your own fitness regime from using everyday items such as food tins and water bottles mean you can get fit and healthy without having to even step inside the dreaded gym.

3.     Catch Up on Television

New Year TVIf the drama series has passed you by or if you’re a user of Netflix, you’re not alone. Many of us actually resolve to watch more television in the new year as it is the perfect time to break open those box sets.

Committing yourself to a series or two will keep you up to date with the latest episodes, and in turn, it will help keep the conversation flowing in the office.

However, that comfy couch is a slippery slope and it’s probably better you switch the television off at least 8 hours before that important meeting on Monday.

4.     Learn Something New

New Year learn somethingIf you intend on learning something new in the new year, think it through very carefully.

Learning a new language is fine until you find there are no classes in your area and the YouTube series you’ve been watching only goes as far as common verbs.

With cooking or baking the rewards are much more immediate (and potentially delicious) providing you don’t poison anyone first.

5.     Go Travelling

New Year travellingOpting to travel more is likely to end in disappointment if you only get two weeks of work annually and already two of those days are already taken up by dentist appointments and Grandma’s birthday meal.

If it turns out that is not the year to go on a world adventure, there are plenty of exciting destinations in the UK that are worth a visit, offering a wealth of fresh air and cultural experiences at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to go trotting around the globe.

6.     Get Organised

New Year OrganisedIf you’re organised enough to want to get organised, that’s a good start.

You are most likely to fail at getting things in order if the task is too great, so write lists of everything you want to organise, and then break those down further into smaller goals.

This works for anything you want to sort, such as working out finances or planning a trip.

7.     Be Happy

New Year be happySetting yourself the goal of being happy for a whole year is a daunting, if not impossible task.

Instead, challenge yourself to think more positively.

Positive thinking helps reduce stress, increase lifespan and promotes physical and mental well-being.

8.     Save Money

New Year MoneyBeing responsible with money and putting it away for a rainy day is a common resolution at the new year – trouble is, every day is ‘rainy’ it seems.

Dreary weather, an unstable economy and an uncertain political outlook mean that more and more people are being tempted to dip into their savings all to get a bit more joy out of life.

Saving isn’t the most exciting thing in the world but if you can stick to it, that new car, holiday or house could be yours by the time the year is out.

9.     Go for that New Career

New Year CareerAre you thinking this could be the year to change career? You’re not alone, around 22 per cent of Brits seek to pursue new career ambition as their resolution.

There are questions to consider before you put this plan into action, however, such as, is it practical for you to make the leap? and are you sure the grass will be greener?

Either way, considering this at the stroke of midnight when the party is in full swing is not recommended. You don’t want to wake up in January with a sore head and no job to go back to.

10.     Win Back Your Ex

New Year ExWe all regret that one break up, that we’ve been hung up on for the last few months.

Or how about the one that got away? But not all lost loves deserve rekindling.

Why waste a whole year on something that’s probably not going to happen? There’s plenty more fish, after all.

How to stick to your New Year’s resolutions:

  • Be realistic
  • Get support of friends and family
  • Take small achievable steps
  • Reward yourself
  • Learn from any setbacks
  • Change your habits for good

So whether you’re setting your resolutions for the umpteenth year, or you’re planning to make changes for the first time, don’t set yourself up to fail. Follow our tips for success and enjoy a happy new year and new you.

Bianca is a keen writer and is passionate about food, history, culture and politics. She is fond of humour and believes it to be a vital tool in overcoming life's challenges. Her motto is: 'A day without laughter is a day wasted.'