10 Items Desi Men Should Not Wear to an Interview

Suits and shoes are the go-to interview garments for men. However, DESIblitz lists 10 big fashion mistakes being made which should be avoided.

10 Items for Desi Men to Not Wear to an Interview ft

What makes a great interview shirt is not the design but the fit

Many candidates put hours of interview preparation into researching and learning about their prospective workplace.

However, with all that natural stress and pressure one feels before an interview, the last thing that should let you down is an unworthy outfit.

It is important to present yourself in the best possible way. That mean’s speaking passionately, engaging with the interviewer, and dressing stylishly.

Not every job will require you to wear a suit, but that should not be taken as a free pass to rock sluggish-looking garments.

Some men assume specific apparel will be overlooked within an interview such as jewellery or classic trainers.

However, it is this assumption that can put one down the pecking order before the interview has even started.

Opting for a more formal look will always succeed in an interview. It is important that whilst you learn more about the role and company, you absorb the culture of that particular business.

Once acquired, it will become extremely easy to pick the best possible outfit and will emphasise to the interviewer that you will be an easy fit into the workplace dynamic.

DESIblitz explores the clothes that you should avoid when attending an interview which will help you to pick the most distinguished outfit.


10 Items for Desi Men to Not Wear to an Interview

This may come as no shock but with more modern and sleek fashion styles entering the professional world, t-shirts are appearing in the interview room more often.

A t-shirt paired with a fitted suit is a great ensemble for a toned-down summer workday. Although, for an interview, it can appear as lazy.

If one was to take the blazer off, the outfit would merely be a t-shirt and trousers – something suitable for retail therapy or a social brunch.

Instead, choose the classic white tailored shirt that compliments your frame and pairs nicely with a snazzy navy suit and hickory-coloured shoes.

In addition, avoid graphic t-shirts at all costs. The branding, images, and words on these garments are too informal and take the attention away from your conversation.


10 Items for Desi Men to Not Wear to an Interview

Similar to t-shirts, trainers and suits can make for incredibly stylish outfits. Especially when trying to impress at an evening dinner or summer picnic.

Even though CEOs such as Satya Nadella of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook opt for trainers, men should avoid this mistake when going to an interview.

Even if the company promotes a casual style normally, attending the interview with trainers can come across as unprofessional.

Oxford shoes are an incredible choice and should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. However, for those with a more quirky style, simplistic brogues can be a fantastic option.

For those who are worried about comfortability, high street stores such as Clarks offer great inexpensive formal shoes that suit more practical workdays.

However, formal shoes without a leather sole can also be a terrific option for those with a longer commute.

Baggy Suits

10 Items for Desi Men to Not Wear to an Interview

Ill-fitting suits can be super detrimental to your potential employer’s first impression.

The interviewer may see extended sleeves, draped shoulders, and stacked trousers which will highlight a certain sloppiness to them.

Which they could assume to be representative of your work ethic or personality.

Picking a nicely tailored suit can be daunting, however, it has become extremely accessible in more affordable high street stores.

Stores like H&M and Topman offer a range of already tailored and dashing suits which saves a lot of time. Cutting out the process of having to visit a tailor.

On the other hand, a great alternative to a suit would be a bespoke waistcoat and cropped trousers pairing. Add in an elegant Windsor knot tie and fitted shirt for a powerful impact.

Bow Ties

10 Items for Desi Men to Not Wear to an Interview

Bow ties are another garment that has risen in popularity within the workplace. Often worn in more quirky and creative businesses, they do offer a certain uniqueness.

However, for an interview, a bow tie is overly formal and is more acceptable at corporate events or business dinners.

Although there are bow ties that can be paired with jeans and a waistcoat for an exquisite casual look, these outfits are best saved for after you get the job.

To achieve the same individuality a bow tie would bring, knitted ties are making a big impact amongst professionals.

With a thinner design, a knitted tie offers a sleeker look than a normal silk or tweed tie. It captures the formality of the workplace environment yet still has a contemporary feel.

This highlights the importance of researching the company before the interview. An insightful tip is to check their social media to see if there are any images of other workers.

If you cannot see any bow ties, then it’s best to leave this for the more ceremonial occasions.

Statement Shirts

10 Items for Desi Men to Not Wear to an Interview

Flowery, graphic and aztec shirts are formidable in the modern fashion world. Not only are they quirky, colourful and exciting, but they are also evidently fashionable.

However, the vibrancy of these shirts won’t sit well in interviews as they are essentially statement pieces.

There are more neutral patterned shirts in colours such as beige and teal, however, these are more impressive at weddings and first dates.

Unless the interview is for a more creative or fashionable company, simplistic and block colours are your friends here.

What makes a great interview shirt is not the design but the fit. Much like suits, the baggier the piece, the more lethargic you can come across.

Stores such as Primark will provide a limitless amount of simple shirts. Whereas other high street shops like House of Fraser or Selfridges will stock more elegant and high-quality pieces.

So, instead of focusing on a statement shirt, opt for a minimalistic tailored shirt that compliments the arms, shoulders and chest. It will provide the ultimate foundation for the rest of your outfit.

Hooded Jackets/Hoodies

10 Items for Desi Men to Not Wear to an Interview

Men should pay no attention to hooded garments when picking their interview outfits. They are overly informal and can highlight the lack of thought you have put into your appearance.

Even if an interviewee has chosen an impeccable suit but has then opted for a hooded jacket, it can disrupt the whole ensemble.

A great pick is an overcoat. These are specially designed to be layered and worn over thicker garments such as wool jumpers and suits.

Available in the high street, high fashion, and online stores, overcoats are chic, dignified, and in some stores, inexpensive. Offering a classical look whilst still looking modern.

ASOS, boohooMAN and H&M are great places to start and provide a range of overcoats in numerous colours, fits and materials.

In addition, one can don a luxurious jumper with a shirt and tie which is a dapper alternative that will maintain the formality without over-layering.


10 Items for Desi Men to Not Wear to an Interview

Denim jeans are able to combine with fitted shirts and nifty blazers for a well-rounded look. Although, they do have a tendency to be too casual for an interview.

Especially with darker-coloured denim such as charcoal or navy. Some men assume they can get away with those specific colourways but they remove a certain grace that trousers bring.

Keeping in mind that when jeans have been worn and washed, the material starts to tire. This can come in the form of lint, loose fibres and a washed colour effect.

This will give a dull and inattentive look to your outfit, which the interviewer will loathe seeing.

On the other hand, a strong substitute is chinos. They offer the breathability of trousers but possess the simplicity of a pair of jeans.

This is great for those who shy away from suits but still crave that formality. Tapered tanned chinos with a pale shirt, maroon tie and oxford blue jumper would look splendid.

Debenhams and Next offer an impeccable range of chinos in numerous cuts and colours that won’t break the bank.


10 Items for Desi Men to Not Wear to an Interview

When attending an interview, bracelets, necklaces and rings (except wedding bands), should be avoided.

Jazzy necklaces do not pair well with formalwear and if they sit over your shirt or blazer, it highlights your flashiness, but not in a good way.

The same applies to bracelets and flamboyant rings. In most cases, these will draw attention and take away from your candidacy.

Even though jewellery can certainly be expressive of your personality and style, it is best to wear these pieces once you have passed the interview (as long as it’s appropriate to the company’s daily attire).

It is also important for men to remember that jewellery is an accessory, something which can enhance your outfit.

However, if your ensemble is already clean-cut and professional, you should not rely on jewellery should to be a primary piece of your interview fit.


10 Items for Desi Men to Not Wear to an Interview

Just like jewellery, bags are an accessory that is highly overlooked when trying to impress your employer.

Whilst dashing leather shoulder bags are perfectly acceptable, things like gym duffel bags should truly be shunned.

Not only will these types of bags ruin your outfit, but they’re very bulky which can add an unwanted informality.

Also, backpacks and colourful satchels should be evaded as they can give the feeling that you are disregarding the seriousness of the interview.

In addition, bags such as briefcases can come across as exceedingly formal, especially if the role would not require you to have one on a daily basis.

Interestingly, the interviewee may ask you to bring in paperwork or tools for the interview. In this case, something like an oaky messenger bag would be practical.

These specific designs are available in stores like John Lewis or can also be found on Amazon in a range of suitable styles.


10 Items for Desi Men to Not Wear to an Interview

Whilst religious headwear is perfectly fine, garments such as hats, caps and beanies are a no go when going to an interview.

Hats are undoubtedly unnecessary to wear because they’re highly informal which will oppose the rest of your outfit. However, they can also come across as rude.

If an interviewer was greeted by a candidate wearing a cap, it could highlight an unprofessional aspect of their character. This then transcends to how they will view them throughout the whole interview process.

It is vital to note that once the interviewer has an impression of you, this will pass on to managing directors and potentially, CEOs.

So even if one were to get past the first interview stage, there is a doubt that will still linger over you which does not help your chances of securing that dream role.

Therefore, to give yourself the smoothest path to success, leave the hats at home.

A good amount of thought should be put into choosing the perfect interview outfit. If these mistakes are avoided, then any company will have a great impression of the candidate.

Great suits, tailored shirts, dapper ties are all part of the classical interview ensemble. However, alternatives such as chinos, waistcoats and overcoats can comply with different styles and interests.

Even neglected aspects like wrinkled garments and dirty shoes can have a negative impact on your potential employer.

However, once one implements the tips listed, the confidence it will instil in any man will make sure that all interviews are smooth sailing.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

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