Indian Men blame Women for Rape in Shocking Interview

A video of men being interviewed on the streets of India is going viral as they try to justify rape and sexual abuse against women.

Indian Men blame Women for Rape in Shocking Interview

"Women are inviting rapes"

India is grappling with a severe rape crisis.

As reported by The Hindu, the country records an alarming average of 86 rape cases daily, equating to 49 offenses against women each hour.

Recently, a distressing incident involving a Japanese tourist being subjected to molestation and harassment by a group of men in the streets of New Delhi further highlights the issue.

The country’s pervasive violence, noise, chaos, and uncleanliness have driven women to explore alternative travel destinations.

Anna Slatz of Reduxx expressed her concerns, stating:

“I can’t think of a single valid reason for any woman to visit India.”

She shared a video of The Print doing interviews with Indian men, in which they made troubling assertions.

Some of these men asserted that if a woman dresses provocatively, she is essentially “inviting” rape.

Shockingly, there is a disturbing belief among some that sexual assault is consensual, with one man stating: “Women are inviting rapes” and another claiming: “Nobody rapes without consent.”

In one part of the video, the interviewer stated: “But rapes always happen without consent”.

The person being interviewed merely nodded and added:

“How can they be forced? If I am standing next to you, will you force yourself on me?

“Rapes can’t happen by force. A woman’s consent is there.”

This viewpoint was reiterated by an older man who argued: “Such things are never one-sided.”

Another man expressed in the video: 

“Why would rapes happen if women cover themselves properly?

“Rapes will obviously happen if they show women wearing revealing clothing. 

“Everyone will get excited.” 

Watch the full video here:


These street interviews reveal a distressing aspect of India’s rape culture.

Survivors of rape are unfairly blamed, dehumanised, and made to feel responsible for the crimes committed against them as if they were somehow the cause.

Additionally, many victims are unable to access the justice they deserve due to prohibitive legal expenses.

Even if they could afford it, they may lack trust in authorities.

For instance, this year, a 13-year-old girl accused an Indian police officer of rape after reportedly being gang-raped by four men.

Women in India often find it difficult to rely on the very individuals who are supposed to offer them help and protection.

Consequently, it’s not surprising that people are increasingly hesitant to visit the country.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Videos courtesy of The Print.

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