£1.4 Million Confiscation to Continue against Indian Doctor

A £1.4 million confiscation against a former Indian doctor will continue despite her having already served 3 years. DESIblitz has more.

1.4 Million Confiscation to Continue Against Indian Doctor

Her husband Ahmed was found to be involved with 3.5 million criminal cash to be sent out of the country.

A £1.4 million confiscation will continue against an Indian doctor for a money laundering scam, despite her not being in the country when the ruling was made.

The judge made the ruling against Manjula Salian, 49-years old. Salian had served 3 years in jail due to her part in a money laundering scam. She was connected to £1.4 million criminal money.

Her attorney has requested that the case should not continue because Salian has no money and so the proceeds of crime cannot continue.

Salian was originally sentenced at Bradford High Court in 2014. Along with her husband Zakir Ahmed, 47. The couple were involved in fraudulent uses of money, converting criminal property from January the 1st 2010 to April the 2nd 2011.

Once she served 3 years, Salian was deported to India. It is now, that a £1.4 million confiscation against her will continue.

In 2014, her husband Ahmed was found to be involved with £3.5 million criminal cash to be sent out of the country. The plot was to set up fake companies and to transfer money to places such as India, Dubai, and Singapore.

After fleeing to Estonia, Ahmed was arrested and brought back. Ahmed’s barrister Imran Khan at the time defended him by arguing that he had no idea of the uses of the money. Khan said Ahmed was: “A cog in the scheme of things. He was acting under instructions.”

Whilst Frida Hussain, Salian’s barrister argued that the couple’s teenage daughter would be about to lose both of her parents.

Hussain told the court: “There is no evidence that she was controlling or influential in any way what was happening.”

However, the judge told Salian:

“You were convicted by the jury of playing a knowing role in your husband’s offending.”

Salian was then sentenced to 3 years. Ahmed was given 9 years for his heavy role in the money laundering scheme.

The couple originally qualified as doctors in India. They could not, however, find jobs within the UK. Salian opted to stay at home with her daughter and Ahmed worked as a trainee doctor in Bradford.

The hearing of the confiscation against the Indian doctor is adjourned until 9 December 2016.

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