Vivek Oberoi says He does not Identify with Nepotism

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi opened up on nepotism and said that he does not identify with it despite being the son of an actor.

Vivek Oberoi says He does not Identify with Nepotism f

"Right from the beginning, I didn’t take that silver spoon"

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi has said that he does not identify with nepotism because he has struggled on his own.

The subject of nepotism within Bollywood has been a topic of discussion following the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Many have said that the children of established actors are given preference over ‘outsiders’.

A lot of star kids have faced backlash as a result. In some cases, there have been some actors who have quit social media because of the hate.

Vivek has now opened up about the subject. Despite being the son of actor Suresh Oberoi, Vivek stated that he does not relate to it as he faced tough experiences on his own.

He explained: “The nepotism debate doesn’t irritate me for the simple reason because I’ve never looked at myself as somebody who tried to kind of benefit from my dad.

“Right from the beginning, I didn’t take that silver spoon, which was being offered to me in the form of a grand launchpad. I struggled on my own.

“He’s a great father, my friend, my guide and critic, but I’ve always been very independent.

“After the age of 15, I never took money from my father. I started earning, doing radio being a voice-over artiste and people didn’t know whose son I was.”

Vivek also spoke about his journey in Bollywood and revealed that he took up odd jobs while making a name for himself.

He recalled: “I’ve done everything from sweeping the dance floor, to bringing tea to everyone to being a back-up dancer.

“I’ve had that journey and I have no regrets because that gave me real values. My dad brought me up that way.”

The actor went on to advise people not to pay much attention to the nepotism debate, adding:

“I don’t identify with it but I can understand why people are angry about it.”

Vivek Oberoi was last seen in the 2019 biopic PM Narendra Modi where he played the title role. However, it received negative reviews from critics.

Vivek has also been a talent judge for the children’s reality talent show India’s Best Dramebaaz. Unlike other talent shows, this show focuses on acting.

The Bollywood star opened up on his role as a judge and why he is looking for new acting talent:

“The biggest stars in Bollywood came from outside and they’ve contributed so much to the industry. That’s why I like doing this talent contest and introduce new talent.”

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