Vaccinated Dating App users are More Likely to find a Match

Dating apps such as Tinder and OkCupid have found that users are more likely to find a match if they have or plan to have a Covid-19 vaccine.

Vaccinated Dating App users are More Likely to find a Match f

vaccines are changing how Indians interact

Research by various dating apps revealed that vaccinated singles are more likely to get a date.

Amid India’s ongoing Covid-19 situation, many Indians are opting to have their vaccines.

By implementing new features, dating apps found users are more likely to meet a match if their vaccine statuses coincide.

Apps such as Tinder and OkCupid now allow users to display a badge on their profile to state their vaccination status.

They can show if they have received one or two doses of a vaccine, or plan to receive one in the future.

As well as implementing this feature, OkCupid has also introduced a series of questions for users regarding their vaccine beliefs.

Sitara Menon, OkCupid’s senior marketing manager, said:

“Back then, a lot of them said they were not entirely sure if they would opt for it.”

However, Menon has noticed a dramatic increase in users stating that a person’s vaccine status is a dealbreaker for them.

She said the term ‘vaccination’ became the most used in 2021, with a 763% increase in the word ‘vaccine’ being used on people’s profiles.

She added: “People who believe in vaccines, or got theirs, get 25% more matches.”

According to Tinder’s Papri Dev, the new vaccine-related features are becoming conversation starters on dating apps.

Dev said:

“In May 2021 we noticed the reference to vaccines in bios went up by 42 times in members’ profiles.”

She added that conversation starters regarding Covid-19 vaccines include:

“Will you hold my hand while I take my vaccine?”

In a bid to help India’s vaccine rollout, Tinder also recently partnered with the India Vaccine Project. Speaking of this, Papri Dev said:

“Through this partnership, our aim is to offer opportunities to our user base to volunteer and help verify information about Covid-19 Vaccine Centres (CVCs) in India.”

Clearly, opinions surrounding Covid-19 vaccines are changing how Indians interact on dating apps.

Rahul Namdev, co-founder of Betterhalf, has taken a different approach by sending notifications and pop up messages to raise awareness of vaccines.

According to Namdev, 40% to 50% of users on his site have received a vaccine.

However, he has also noticed that women are reluctant to talk to people who do not believe in Covid-19 vaccines.

He said:

“If a guy says he will be taking his vaccine maybe after three months, then that conversation is not going anywhere.”

Sitara Menon agrees with him, saying that women are more particular when searching for a potential match.

Menon said:

“At this point, on our app, 69% of men and 71% of women are vaccinated and sporting badges.”

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