USA to Deport 161 Indians who entered Illegally

The United States is set to deport 161 Indian nationals who had entered the country illegally. They are set to return to their native districts.

USA to Deport 161 Indians who entered Illegally f

a large number of Indian nationals remain in US prisons

The USA will deport 161 Indians who entered the country illegally. They are the first batch of people out of a total of 1,793 who are being held in various prisons across the country.

The 161 migrants are set to arrive in Amritsar on May 19, 2020.

Satnam Singh Chahal, executive director of North American Punjabi Association, said that out of the 161 deportees, 132 were from Punjab and Haryana.

The US government have detained 1,793 illegal migrants in 95 prisons for illegally entering the country.

India had begun the Vande Bharat Mission on April 7 in a bid to bring back Indian nationals who are stranded in different countries.

It was reported that in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the USA and other countries had begun deporting illegal Indian migrants back to India.

A couple of flights have already landed in India.

According to sources, US President Donald Trump has warned that he will impose visa restrictions if India did not take back the illegal migrants.

A list has revealed that out of 161 deportees, 76 were from Haryana while 56 were from Punjab. Twelve were residents of Gujarat, five were from Uttar Pradesh, two each came from Kerala, Telangana and Tamil Nadu and one each from Andhra Pradesh and Goa.

The Indian nationals will land at Sri Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport where they will return to their native districts for quarantine.

Mr Chahal explained that a large number of Indian nationals remain in US prisons while they wait to be deported.

While it is not known what states they are from, many are from North India who illegally entered the USA through Mexico.

He added: “Most of the detainees at the federal facilities are asking for asylum claiming that they experienced violence or persecution in their home country.”

In 2019, more than 300 Indians were deported by Mexican immigration authorities for illegally entering the country so that they could enter the USA.

They were sent back to India on a chartered flight which flew from Mexico to Spain then went on to Delhi.

One deportee named Jashanpreet Singh said:

“We landed around 5 am in the morning and the formalities took several hours. We could exit the airport only around 1 pm.”

Another person who was deported was 19-year-old Mandeep Singh, originally from Patiala, Punjab.

He planned to live in the USA. Throughout his journey, he travelled to seven countries before he was caught. During the journey, he saw several bodies, believed to be migrants trying to enter the USA illegally.

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