Unforgettable Imran Khan

A rising Bhangra star from Holland, Imran Khan, visits the UK with the release of his debut album ‘Unforgettable.’

It's not about the fame or money

Imran Khan the unique Bhangra artist from Holland releases an album not to be forgotten, aptly named, ‘Unforgettable.’ With a strong mix of House and Euro-Dance music, Imran’s sound is different and not the usual traditional mix of tumbi, dhols, dhads and sarangis. This makes his sound stick out from mass of conveyor belt music that is often hits the Bhangra market today.

Many purist may argue that this is not Bhangra due to its electronic feel but others welcome a fresh sound into the arena of Punjabi music with Imran’s lyrics fused with dance floor pumping music that has its place on the music players of fans, desi radio stations, television and media, all classing it as Bhangra.

His debut single, ‘Ni Nachle,’ took the Bhangra music scene by storm in 2007 claiming the number one spot on Bhangra charts everywhere. Bringing Imran Khan into the limelight of Punjabi and Bhangra music with a difference.

‘Unforgettable’ is the product of two years of dedication and hard work by Imran working with Turkish music producers Eren E and Harkan Ozan from Holland.

Imran presents a blend of digitised vocal melodies, coloured with synthesizer sounds and thumping dance beats. Mastered to the quality of mainstream Dance records today, majority of the tracks on the album lean towards being big hits with DJ’s and the clubs.

Imran KhanStarting singing at the age of six, Imran has followed Bhangra music and singers closely. He is proud of his Punjabi roots and is a staunch admirer of yesteryear folk singers from the Punjab, such as Chamkila, Didaar Sandhu and Mohd. Siddique. His aim is to promote the language of Punjabi through his music. In Holland, the craze of Bhangra music is not the same as the UK but he feels his work will help develop the presence of the music and language in his country.

Songs like ‘Amplifier’ and ‘Billo Bounce’ are very catchy despite the cheeky lyrics! The album, lyrically creative, has a canvas of songs that paint the world of romance, love and deceit, intertwined with dance floor tracks like ‘Chak Glassy’ and ‘Ni Nachle’ (not the original single version).

DESIblitz met up with Imran on his busy schedule and visit to the UK. We got him to take time out and tell us more about himself and his music. Plus to find out what kind of girl would meet his needs!

Here is the exclusive video interview with ‘Mr Amplifier’ himself, Imran Khan.


Imran makes music to give the public something that they will enjoy. As he says “It’s not about the fame or money.” His personal aims are to help, nurture and support people through his work. He wants to promote Punjabi in his country as a mother tongue that he feels should be spoken by younger generations.

We definitely enjoyed our meet with him and feel he has a lot to offer. He is fresh and a well-grounded artist who has a unique sound that captures the love of his fans everywhere. He has ambitions to work hard at his music and even start a clothing line one day. And of course, not forgetting about that desire to find a girl that will take his heart too!

We wish Imran Khan all the best with his future plans. Do look out for this artist as we think he has just started on a unique musical journey.

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