Top 5 London Museums and Galleries

London is home to a wealth of Museums and Galleries that are helping to educate the nation on everything from Science to Contemporary Art. DESIblitz has created a guide to our favourite 5 Museums and galleries for anyone visiting the city.

Top 5 London Museums/Galleries

British Asian’s have shied away from the rich arts and culture scene in the UK at a time when Asian Art is thriving.

A trip to London can be quite daunting for those who aren’t used to a busy city environment. But for those who are ready to take the plunge and are looking for things to see and do, DESIblitz is here to guide you through London’s acclaimed arts and culture sector.

British Asian’s have shied away from the rich arts and culture scene in the UK at a time when Asian Art is thriving.

More Asian artists are becoming widely recognised for their talents and t is important to indulge in these artworks now that they are available right on our doorstep.

We have handpicked our favourite Museums and Galleries across London so that those touring the city are guaranteed an educational, culture filled trip. And did we mention that they are all free?

1. V&A

Top 5 London Museums/Galleries

The Victoria & Albert Museum is one of the three major museums on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, the other two being The Science Museum and The Natural History Museum. There is only a short walk to separate the three and can all be accessed from South Kensington Station.

It is the world’s largest museum of decorative art and design and is home to over 5000 years of art. The art held here comes from a variety of different cultures, with an especially interesting segment that concentrates on Asian Art.

This family friendly museum has everything from ceramics and sculpture to drawing and photography.

The must-see exhibition held at the V&A right now is ‘M. F. Hussian: Master of Modern Indian Painting’. This showcases the final nine paintings from one of the most internationally recognised Indian Artists of the 20th Century.

2. Natural History Museum

Top 5 London Museums/Galleries

This little gem contains a range of specimens including fossils, skeletons and life-size models from various times in natural history. The 5 main sectors of the museum cover plants, insects, minerals, fossils and animals.

Free admission and a catalogue of history provide an educational journey that is available to all. This tactile world is bursting with interesting things to look at and activities to get stuck into.

Additional activities are offered too outside of the usual museum route. Visitors can now channel their inner Ben Stiller and discover the museum at night accompanied by a 3-course meal and music.

The new ‘Mammoths: Ice age exhibition’ is open this summer. Explore a world of fossils, models and skeletons, this exhibit will truly give you a feel for what it would be like to be living amongst those woolly giants.

3. Science Museum

Top 5 London Museums/Galleries

Similarly to The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum is teeming with information and interactivity. The Science Museum has it’s own stance on educational fun, covering all areas of science and technology.

This museum is built of many levels with different snippets of information around every corner. Key attractions of this museum are the famous Stephenson’s Rocket and also an IMAX cinema screening in 3D.

An Exhibition to look out for in the not so distant future is ‘Who am I’ which investigates everyone’s favourite subject, themselves. Anyone can delve into the science behind what it is that makes you, you. This is definitely worth a visit, especially for those with young children.

4. British Museum

Top 5 London Museums/Galleries

Moving away from Exhibition road and down towards Holborn will bring you to The British Museum. A museum dedicated to human history and culture originating from all continents.

It illustrates and documents the story of human culture from its very beginnings to the present. The British Museum is a huge showcase for global antiquities, including Egyptian mummies, ancient Greek sculpture and a department on Asia. One reviewer says:

“The building is beautiful and there is so much to see, you could never do it all in a day. I really would recommended this place to anyone.”

A DESIblitz suggestion for an upcoming exhibition is ‘Ming- 50 years that changed China’. It discovers a golden age in China’s history and is an opportunity to discover a rich, ancient culture.

5. Saatchi Gallery

Top 5 London Museums/Galleries

If you are more interested in contemporary art as opposed to history and sciences, Saatchi is the go-to museum in London for all the latest work from the best artists around the world. Opened by Charles Saatchi, the museum is an insight into his own personal collections of art.

Saatchi has been a major influence of art throughout Britain and has a history of media controversy. This gallery would not be recommended for families, as some themes of contemporary art can be on taboo subjects such as sexuality.

A 3-minute walk from Sloane Square Station, the exhibition is easily accessible. The artwork at Saatchi comes from a range of different cultures and often contains art from the top Asian artists.

“Ben Quilty” is a painter who is next to have his work shown at Saatchi Gallery. As the winner of Prudential Eye Awards, a competition judged by a group of experts in contemporary Asian Art, this is a definite must-see.

There is a huge variety of fantastic art and culture to be seen across London to suit all different tastes. Asian artists are slowly but surely creating their own stamp on the London art scene.

It is an exciting time to become involved in these London museums and galleries, and at such minimal costs. A blessing in disguise for many British Asians, which will you be visiting this summer?

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