Tears, Tension and ‘Evil Eyes’ in Desi Rascals 2

In episode 5 of Desi Rascals 2, Farha invites Moses for dinner. Solomon asks out Kavita for a second date. Owais apologises to Feryal. DESIblitz has more.

Tears, Tension and ‘Evil Eyes’ in Desi Rascals 2

"Who's this gorgeous guy?"

In the fifth episode of Desi Rascals 2, Farha invites Moses to the Rai family home for dinner.

Jasmin has to make a choice between her career or Ross?

Jason takes a ride in Adam’s Ferrari. How will ‘The Squad’ react?

Owais seeks forgiveness from Feryal.

And Solomon asks Kavita out for a second date. How will she respond?

Jason rides in Adam’s Ferrari, upsets ‘The Squad’

Tears, Tension and ‘Evil Eyes’ in Desi Rascals 2

Anj, Moses, Shmoyel, and Owais are having fun swimming in an outdoor pool. It’s all fun and games, as they flex their guns and tense their abs.

However, Jason is late. No need to worry though. Adam is happy to give him a lift in his Ferrari.

The lads are not impressed. Jason tries to justify his actions. He says he stood up for Owais when speaking to Adam.

But this just angers Owais even more: “That’s none of your business though, is it?”

Later Jason says to Ross and Moses that he feels like Anj ‘threw him under a bus’. How will they repair their friendship?

Ross gives Jasmin the Bollywood or Bollywouldn’t ultimatum

Tears, Tension and ‘Evil Eyes’ in Desi Rascals 2

In the lovely leafy green lawns of a tennis club, Jasmin and Ross defeat Jason and his belle Lydia, in a game of mixed doubles.

After as the young couple converse, Jasmin uses the opportunity to impress with her Hindi (‘Ek, do, theen, chaar…’) as Ross playfully teases her.

But the tone turns sour when Jasmin mentions her Bollywood move.

Ross is clearly upset, saying that her moving to India at this stage would be ‘a big kick in the teeth’.

He forces her to make a choice. He asks: “Would you put our relationship on the line for this course? Yes or no?”

Her answer? “No, I don’t want to go.”

There is relief all around. For now.

Farha invites Moses over for dinner

Tears, Tension and ‘Evil Eyes’ in Desi Rascals 2

As ‘friends’ Farha and Moses banter each other, Mrs Rai walks in asking: “Who’s this gorgeous guy?”

But immediately after she seems unimpressed by Mo’s attire, she asks: “Is this how you dress normally?”

The female equivalent of Meddling Manoj, the interfering mother is making a hard sell for her daughter.

Farha’s previous relationship did not work out because of a culture clash. She was Indian, and he was Pakistani.

Let’s hope for both of their sakes that this is not a case of deja vu.

Thus, to ward away the ‘evil eye’, Mrs Rai carries out an age-old desi ritual of waving the mirch (chilli pepper) around their heads, and burning it.

Owais apologises to Feryal

Tears, Tension and ‘Evil Eyes’ in Desi Rascals 2

For maximum suspense, before the half-time break, we see Owais call someone on the phone. But who is the mystery woman?

After the break, we find out. It’s Feryal! Owais mans up and displays high-level chivalry with a gracious apology.

He says: “I can’t forgive myself for doing what I did.

“Whatever history we had, it didn’t give me the right to speak to you in that way. I just wanted to apologise.”

Feryal responds: “I really don’t think you understand the damage you’ve done.

“I can’t forget those words. Those things really cut deep. Really deep.”

She is not ready to forgive Owais yet. She needs time for the wounds to heal.

Solly asks Kavita out for a second date

Tears, Tension and ‘Evil Eyes’ in Desi Rascals 2

Solomon, with the help of Yasmin and Natalie, has organised a big bash for all of the young Desi Rascals.

Speaking to Kavita after a successful first date, Solly asks: “So it’d be cool to hang out in the future?”

Kavita replies: “Yeah, I want to hang out. But at the moment, I do want to just hang out as friends.”

She continues: “I just don’t want to get intense with anyone right now.”

A bit taken aback, Solly responds: “But it would be cool to call it a date obviously?”

Kavita replies: “No, I don’t want it to be a date like that.”

Solly is confused. Her words are saying ‘no’. But her flirtatious eye contact and body language are saying ‘yes’.

But despite her smile, it’s becomes a clear no. And Solly accepts defeat.

Yasmin and Adam squabble…again

Tears, Tension and ‘Evil Eyes’ in Desi Rascals 2

Why can’t these two just get married already, and live happily ever after?

Because Bollywood dramebaaze are never that simple.

Adam is upset at Yasmin for trying to court rishtas.

Yasmin is upset with Adam because he said ‘he’d never even considered marriage’ but proposed to someone a few years ago.

As both of their eyes are well up, Yasmin begins to open up.

Crying, she says: “Everyone thinks I’m really confident. But I’m insecure. I just want someone who loves me and cares about me.”

But Adam is not prepared to let his own guard down. “All the crocodile tears have gone now.”

And they resume their verbal boxing match. Until Adam walks off.

In the next episode of Desi Rascals, Jasmin says to Ross: “As much as I love you, I’m really sorry but my career is always gonna come first.”

There’s continuing tension in the ten year bromance between Anj and Jason.

And as Jo is all set for her move to Mumbai, will Moses make one last stand?

Catch episode six of Desi Rascals 2 on Wednesday 26th August 2015 at 8pm on Sky 1.

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