Summer 2018 Beauty Trends for British Asians to Adopt

Summer 2018 beauty trends are here! With their inclusion of all things dramatic, sparkly and bright, they’re more exciting than ever before.

You’ll be sure to dazzle and stand out from even the riot of colour at a typical Desi wedding.

Summer 2018 beauty trends are beaming with plenty of inspiration and a promise to re-energise you.

We’re looking forward to seeing everything from glitter to bright colours of orange and red – trends perfect for the lifestyles and looks of British Asians.

Summer 2018 beauty is all about individuality and being unique.

By taking tried-and-tested techniques and colours and fusing them with fresh interpretations straight from the catwalk, you can stand out this summer.

Now’s the time for a natural look intertwined with a catchy colour palette where it works.

So, feel free to use these new Summer 2018 beauty trends to help you achieve that model look!

All that Glitters

Glitter is in. So, make use of it! This Summer 2018 beauty trend isn’t just a gorgeous look for festivals or weddings.

You can avoid the infantile with a clean canvas of skin, before adding a gentle wash of glitter in one tone over the eyelids. Make sure to pick a tone that compliments your skin tone.

Of course, braver beauty-lovers can always amp this up, especially for the night. It’s fun to play with contrasting colours and layer up glitter for added drama.

In fact, at Shrimps, the concept follows a girl who partied the night before to then wake up in a field full of flowers. In a fun nod to this party girl, silver glitter-coated lips make low ponytails and soft face-framing tendrils edgier. Fendi also focuses on the lips with a dazzling rose-toned glitter from Peter Philips.

However, this isn’t the only inspiration for those wanting to party in style. Topshop Unique offers a subtler, but high-low glamour. Make-up artist Lynsey Alexander smudges glitter in pink or green on the outer edge of the eye for a lived-in look.

summer 2018 beauty - glitter

Still, British Asians have the best reason to adopt this trend – the wedding season! This Summer 2018 beauty trend can aid the transition between wedding events. It can jazz up a simple day outfit, before wowing during the evening.

Firstly, complement or replace your bindi and jewellery by taking inspiration from Giamba. Here, Val Garland added a dash of silver glitter along the tops of ears and the centre of foreheads.

Then for the night, look to makeup maestro, Michele Magnani from MAC. She went otherworldly with the “fighting goddesses” inspiration behind Italian-Haitian brand, Stella Jean. Heavy silver glitter created a striking, light-catching effect when splashed across the lid and brow bone.

You’ll be sure to dazzle and stand out from even the riot of colour at a typical Desi wedding.

Finally, for the British Asian girls wanting to completely break the mould, Isamaya Ffrench coated fake lashes in MAC 3D glitter for the Ryan Lo models.

Adding glitter in unconventional ways like along the hairline are great for the festival scene. What better way to show how unnecessary cultural appropriative festival looks are, by taking the lead with daring new styles?

Very Berry

Berry and plum colours will make your pout appear perfectly plump so there’s no excuse to not follow this beauty trend of 2018.

Berry lips are a different way to evoke the vitality of summer. Taking inspiration from looks like those at Dolce and Gabbana, you too can feel like a goddess.

In fact, you can capture the same mystical inner light as its models. Begin by lining the inside of eyes with a metallic silver. Then, the cupid’s bow can receive a similar treatment with a pearlescent highlighter or darker tones could go for gold.

Regardless, it’s all about finding those silver – or gold – linings. When British Asian skin tones suit rich colours like golds and berry tones, there’s no excuse to not try out this trend.

Best of all, your lips will thank you for this when the morning air is still nippy. Hydrating, almost balm-like lip colours protect your lips while looking fantastic.

Our top tip is to pay attention to your skin type. If brisk winds during outdoor walks dehydrate your skin more, opt for a more hydrating formula.

Alternatively, use your matte finish lipsticks for more of a stain. This is amazing with a hint of glitter on eyes as seen at KUR. Plus, the designer behind the Sri Lankan brand, Kasuni Rathnasuriya definitely understands how to make South Asians feel their best.

summer 2018 beauty - berry lips

Elsewhere, Roksanda opted for a very natural look, hydrating the models’ skin and perfecting with MAC face and body foundation.

After, make-artist Miranda Joyce added MAC’s mixing medium for shine on the cheekbones and the ball of the eye. But she cleverly worked in the MAC lip pencil in Beet to the lips. This beetroot red gave a rich colour while evoking the youthful image of munching on enough juicy blackberries to leave a stain.

In fact, apply this imagination to the tips of your fingers. For eye-catching nails, use lovely berry-toned gloss on nails to match a metallic finish shadow on your eyes as seen at Sadie Williams.

However, since Asian skin tones can carry off these shades with ease, nothing is better than trying some berry blush.

The key is to mimic how Pat McGrath made the Valentino models shine with a unique iridescence. She whirled fuchsia blush along the cheekbones and temples with a finishing touch of highlighter.

Bright Eyes and Nails

Some runways saw bright shades of highlighter yellow or blue. But perhaps the easiest brights for a wide range of British Asians to wear are the always popular oranges and reds.

Yet, this Summer 2018 beauty trend encourages us to rethink how we wear these familiar colours. When experimenting, you won’t go wrong if using the right shade and finish for your colouring.

Plus, what better way to brighten up your day than wearing the shades associated with happiness, summer and love?

Max Mara saw lips in a flattering orangey-red, while Byblos went neon for their eyeshadow. This included a painterly swipe of bright orange across the crease and lower browbone – perfect for complementing freshly threaded eyebrows.

summer 2018 beauty - brights

For a more wearable look, perhaps for a summer family event, check out Chromat. Here, Fatima Thomas blurred bronze eyeshadow, before heating it up with a bright orange power in the inner corner.

In contrast, Palmer Harding saw a more subtle wash of tangerine under the eyes, round and up the temples. Such a fun and unusual colour will really pop on darker complexions.

Some fiery locks appeared on the runways too. Although, an easier spot to sport the trend is on your nails.

In New York, Marc Jacobs and manicurist genius, Jin Soon, painted nails clementine with a negative space at the cuticles. Hopefully, this will also achieve their intentions in increasing the longevity of a manicure. Thanks to the two, that annoying sliver of an exposed nail are now fashionable!

Similarly, nail artist Miss Pop dipped the fingers of Jeremy Scott models in silver glitter, before painting their nails neon orange. This offset a pretty trio of jewels under the eyes.

We’ve seen so many talented British Asian makeup artists becoming big names in the industry. But hopefully, these interpretations of trends will inspire you to up your nail game too!

Get Graphic

When practising Summer 2018 beauty trends, it’s time to get creative with your eyeliner.

Arguably some looks aren’t for the fainthearted. At Rochas, Lucia Pieroni balanced fresh-faced skin with graphic black liner. Thomas de Kluyver at Ashley Williams also used minimal makeup to instead focus on creating playful eyeliner shapes.

On the other hand, at Lanvin, Karim hid some of the mystery behind the scenes. He used a black cream pigment at the outer corners of the eyes to create a smudged cat-like look. But guess what he did this with? Drinking straws dipped in MAC Chromacake.

But let’s not ignore the South Asian community’s great appreciation of eyeliner. There’s no need to feel nervous when British Asians are known for using Kajal to create bold, entrancing eyes. This trend simply adds a more modern feel.

Still, if you’d prefer a more low-key approach to this maximum impact take on Summer 2018 beauty trends, check out Jason Wu. The head make-up artist, Yadim, advised a brush or simply a fingertip to mimic a smudge.

summer 2018 beauty - eyeliner

If you can’t say goodbye to your beloved cat-eye, do it in reverse.

For Jill Stuart, James Kaliardos applied and extended liner out from the lower lash line. Alternatively, Grace Lee used negative space and double lines to modernise the cat-eye at Monse.

Pat McGrath’s swoops of glittering black offer another option as shown at Tom Ford. This is ideal for cat-eye aficionados wanting to combine two Summer 2018 beauty trends.

Finally, graphic eyeliner will set off brighter on-trend flicks of orange and red as seen at Matty Bovan.

If you’re feeling nervous about pulling such a dramatic look off, it’s easier to work up to more outrageous designs. Furthermore, it’s best to adjust your eyeliner shape to your eye shape to really make your peepers pop.

Keeping it Natural

Apologies to everyone who just learned how to contour, but less is more. For skin, the biggest New York designers like Calvin Klein and Vera Wang put down the bronzer. Even up-and-coming designers banished the heavy foundation for a natural flush.

Instead, it’s the time to embrace minimal makeup.

This is perhaps to balance all the glitter and bright colours. Take Yohji Yamamoto where Pat McGrath applied hand-painted face tattoos over natural looking makeup. Plus, depending on the event, this can be the best approach.

Adopters of the pared-back approach included Altuzarra, Isabel Marant, Bottega Veneta, Prada and Victoria Beckham.

Regardless, your bank balance will definitely thank you for trying this trend. When finding products for British Asians is so difficult and British Asian women spend more on them, the natural look is very appealing.

For example, Val Garland aimed to keep a youthful, dewy complexion for Giambattista Valli models in spite of the Fashion Week mania. Paul Hanlon matched this with loose hair worn in the model’s natural texture.

This is a good way to give your skin and hair a break from the intense styling from parties.

To embrace your fresh-faced beauty, a foundation is a big no-no. Prep your skin with a great moisturiser and primer, before colour-correcting and dotting concealer to any skin concerns.

Then simply pat a cream blush for a touch of spring roses in your cheeks. Before applying, just let the cream blush warm up on the back of your hand. Because of this, it’s more malleable when dabbing it on.

summer 2018 beauty - natural

Additionally, there are plenty of clever tricks to emphasise your natural beauty. Pat McGrath merely enhanced eyes with a soft brown at Givenchy.

This already would look lovely for British Asians. Yet, the addition of a small gem under the left eye added a special touch and an extra use for spare bindis.

Alternatively, Alex Box for MAC kept the skin youthful, bringing only a light flush to the cheeks of Issey Miyake models and blending a tint of purple primer around the eyes.

Purple is apparently the best at bringing out the truest brown colour in eyes. Consequently, this is a minimal effort method in comparison to eyeshadow.

In fact, even when it came to hair, those who love a lazy morning will rejoice. Michael Kors instructed models to sleep with damp hair the night before the show and Orlando Pita’s minimal styling completed a just-got-up look.

It’s also the perfect excuse to go back to basics for skin and hair care. The western beauty industry is only now discovering the benefits of coconut oil and turmeric face masks. Yet British Asian elders have suggested these beauty gems for a long time, without the hefty price tag.

With so many new and innovative Summer 2018 beauty trends, it can be hard to find the fashion inspiration that makes you look and feel your best. However, this season, numerous designers and their talented beauty teams sought to find styles that balanced their vision and what suits the model best.

This is definitely a mentality that British Asians can adopt. Therefore, we’ve tried to choose some of the Summer 2018 beauty trends that work best for British Asians.

There’s everything from modern interpretations of familiar looks to some fresh, new inspiration.

Whatever you choose to do, these Summer 2018 beauty trends definitely encourage us all to be brave and creative. Why not? Making beauty fashionable should be fun!

An English and French graduate, Daljinder likes travelling, wandering around museums with headphones and getting over-invested in a TV show. She loves Rupi Kaur’s poem: “If you were born with the weakness to fall you were born with the strength to rise."

Images courtesy of the official Instagram accounts of Topshop Unique, Shrimps, Dolce and Gabbana, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Byblos, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Rochas, Michael Kors and Balmain.

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