South African Indian jailed for Life for killing Wife and Children

A South African Indian receives three life sentences after killing his family. He used Indian maces called “gadas” to brutally attack them.

South African Indian jailed for Life for killing Wife and Children

"I want to tell you the truth and come clean, it is eating me inside."

A South African Indian has been jailed for murdering his wife and two children. He killed them using traditional Indian maces called “gadas”.

After a two-year court case, the judge jailed him with three life sentences. Reportedly, he barely escaped a death sentence, only because courts outlawed it.

The South African Indian, Mogamberry Rajan Kandasamy, attacked his family in December 2013. He murdered them at their family home in Chatsworth.

He killed his 41-year-old wife Versha and their children, Megandran and Melarisa, aged 17 and 18, respectively.

The South African Indian murderer claimed that he killed them because his wife wanted a divorce. He discovered she wanted to marry another man.

Two days after the murder, the South African Indian confessed to the police. He allegedly said: “I’m here to tell you what I did. I want to tell you the truth and come clean, it is eating me inside.”

During the trial, the jury heard the details of the gruesome attack. The murder of his daughter was so severe that:

“While she was on the floor, I hit her twice with the Hanuman stick on her head. On the third strike, the stick broke.”

However, while the South African Indian confessed to the crime, he claimed police forced him to do so.

Instead, he pleaded not guilty and said he had no memory of the attack. He allegedly claimed that the murders happened due to an attempted robbery of the house. He suggested burglars drugged him during the alleged attempt.

After a thorough investigation, police ruled out that possibility.

The South African Indian also claimed to not remember evidence, provided by a witness. The witness, Ashley Ganesh, revealed that he saw Mogamberry walking in a park nearby his home.

With repeated claims of memory loss, the police sent him to a mental health hospital for observations. But the hospital deemed him as able to stand fit for trial.

Now with the sentence given, this marks the end of a brutal, tragic murder case.

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