Singhsbury’s changed to Morrisinghs after legal threats

A shop owner changes his shop’s name from Singhsbury’s to Morrisinghs after threats of legal action from supermarket Sainsbury’s.

Shop owner changes Singhsbury's to Morrisinghs after legal threats

"People up here love banter. Some of the locals just come in the shop for the banter."

A shop owner has changed his West Allotment shop’s name from Singhsbury’s to Morrisinghs after receiving threats of legal action from supermarket giant Sainsbury’s.

The 42-year-old owner, named Jel Singh Nagra, renamed his shop after receiving a letter from the company in 2012. They claimed the name Singhsbury’s appeared too similar to their own name.

In addition, they complained about the design and font of the shop’s logo. As a result, Jel decided to rename the shop as Morrisinghs.

He claims the amusing name came after customers encouraged him to name his shop loosely on one of Sainsbury’s supermarket rivals. Choosing Morrisons, he decided to add a Desi twist to it.

The shop owner explained more on the name choice. He said: “People up here love banter. Some of the locals just come in the shop for the banter.”

He also hoped it would “put West Allotment on the map”. The shop owner revealed his pride of West Allotment and its community, explaining how customers supported him when his mother battled with cancer.

Jel Singh Nagra also admitted his surprise that customers understood the reference behind the shop’s name.

The name change and rebranding of his shop took place while the shop owner went on honeymoon. But it has now hit headlines all over the UK, largely thanks to social media. On 26th June 2017, an image of the shop’s new logo appeared on Facebook, and received roughly over 10,000 shares.

The following day, the press arrived at the shop to hear more about the story from Jel Singh Nagra.

However, many wonder what Morrisons themselves think of the name.

In what many may find as a surprise, they commented on the shop’s new name, saying: “Mr Nagra and his customers obviously have good taste so we wish him well.”

Meanwhile, throughout the UK, there are other shops who also shared a similar name to Singhsbury’s. In cities such as London and Edinburgh, they contain various Singhsbury’s shops. However, the owners of these shops claim they have never received letters from Sainsbury’s.

But with Morrisons now praising Morrisinghs, it seems Jel’s new name for his shop is here to stay.

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Images courtesy of Morrisinghs Facebook.