Shilpa Shetty launches Food brand

Shilpa Shetty launches her ‘Shilpa’s Gourmet Creations’ food range by investing in the V8 Gourmet Group.

Got to acknowledge the fact that Indian food is much enjoyed

From Bollywood to the IPL, from perfume to medi-spas, Shilpa Shetty has now embarked on a food venture. She is launching her food brand called ‘Shilpa’s Gourmet Creations.’ Along with her fiancé Raj Kundra, she has entered into partnership with an international food company, V8 Gourmet Group. The company will be introducing range of ready meals, pickles and chutneys into the market.

The announcement for her investment was done by Shilpa on her blog, “It gives me great pleasure to announce that Raj and me have invested with the V8 Gourmet Group, we’ve dabbled in a whole lot of different things, CRICKET, Medispas and now the F&B market. Got to acknowledge the fact that Indian food is much enjoyed (chicken tikka masala becoming the nation’s favorite) and has a huge market in Britain. ”

Shilpa and Raj have invested and procured a 33% stake in V8 that encompasses Vama, The Bombay Bicycle Club and Tiffinbites. In addition, they will also do airline catering and the newest plan is to introduce ‘ready made’ Indian meals that will be under 10% fat.

She adds in her blog about the venture,

“Very excited about this venture and with the expertise of Co-owner and celebrity chef Andy Varma hope to cater to all those people who enjoy delicious, healthy, authentic Indian food that will be convenient to cook!”

She also revealed that their restaurants are frequently visited and appreciated by A list clientèle like, Brad Pitt, Woody Allen, Mick Jagger, His Highness King Abdullah of Jordan, Bryan Adams, Rowan Atkinson and Uma Thurman and even Bollywood’s very own Amitabh Bachchan and Saif Ali Khan. The video gives an insight into Shilpa’s business venture in Food.


In 2007, Shilpa launched her perfume ‘S2’ which reached Number 3 in the UK Fragrance Chart within 2 weeks of it’s launch. Shilpa beat off stiff competition from the likes of other international stars such as Kylie Minogue, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton who all launched celebrity fragrances in the lucrative perfume market.

Shilpa Medi-Spas launchIn 2008, Shilpa produced her own Yoga DVD called ‘Shilpa’s Yoga DVD’. The fitness video shares the secret of a sound Mind, Body and Soul in today’s chaotic world, through an instructional video based on the ancient Indian practice of Yoga.

In 2009, she launched medi-spas in partnership with spa owner Kiran Bawa. The spas have doctors and skin specialists giving consultation on everything ranging from Botox to acne, weight reduction to thyroid. Opened in the Mumbai first, cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Ludhiana and Chandigarh were also targets for the spas.

Shilpa ShettyThen in 2009, Shilpa invested in the IPL Cricket Team, the Rajasthan Royals, and now she has moved onto the food market. She clarified that all those reports and rumours about the venture being in honour of Jade Goody are completely and utterly baseless, and this is not the case.

Hearing of the axing of Big Brother in 2010, the Channel 4 show that made her famous in the UK, Shilpa said, “I was surprised on one level and not so surprised on another. Every show has a shelf-life. I know that Celebrity Big Brother has done really well in this country, but there is always going to be a boredom that sets in after a point. People have already seen it and done it all.”

Shilpa has also hit back at rumours of her getting married this year. She said, “To to set the record straight, NO I AM NOT GETTIN MARRIED THIS YEAR, yes I am looking at next year, but date not decided.”

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