Shannon Singh says She & BF stop for Sex at Service Stations

Shannon Singh admitted that she and her boyfriend Ben cannot drive long distances without stopping for sex at service stations.

Shannon Singh says She & BF stop for Sex at Service Stations f

"I literally need to keep it alive"

Shannon Singh revealed that she spices up her relationship with her boyfriend by stopping at service stations to have sex.

The former Love Island contestant has been with DJ Ben Sterling for almost two years, having “randomly” met each other at an afterparty.

Shannon has been open about her sex life and has now opened up about creating sparks in their relationship.

The Scot was speaking to intimacy coach Dr Lori Beth Bisbey on her podcast Hushed when she made the admission.

She said: “I’m very sexual. I’m not shy when it comes to my sex life because I require a lot of it.

“My connection with my partner is getting into bed, getting in the feels and having a great time, need I say more?

“People get so shy talking about sex and I’m not like that at all.

“Me and Ben will have a long drive from London to Scotland and we will stop at the service stations and spark it up.

“We travel a lot because of his job, the beach.”

Shannon Singh says She & BF stop for Sex at Service Stations

Shannon insisted that she “needs” sex but added that it is not the only form of intimacy she and her boyfriend enjoy.

She continued: “I literally need to keep it alive and I love it because he’s the same.

“It’s not to the point that it’s the only intimacy we have, but I know I have a really high sex drive so I need it.”

The former glamour model has never been shy about discussing her sex life, previously speaking about her high sex drive.

Appearing on the Who’s Your Daddy podcast, Shannon Singh said:

“I am very sexually active, I have sex like eight times a day.

“Not every day but I have a lot of sex. I am very sexually active. I had sex in the morning yesterday, then in a toilet, then in the afternoon.

“I quite like a bit of rough and tough. I kind of like it rough and I love a bit of morning sex. I love it.”

She also spoke about losing her virginity at a young age.

Shannon Singh says She & BF stop for Sex at Service Stations 2

Shannon said: “I lost my virginity quite young, I have always been mature for my age.

“I regret losing it so young. But I was sexually active from a young age.

“I have always been really confident.

“When I first started to do glamour my Instagram was so raunchy. I used to have topless photos with censored nipple.

“I think sexy content is empowering. I don’t do those pictures anymore as I am trying to be more commercial.

“I have never done full nude, you have glamour and you have porn.

“Glamour is topless modelling, any kind of vagina is a scope of porn to me.”

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