Shahid is Sleepless in Leeds

What’s Monika got in store for us this week? The rumour mill has been busy. Gossip is Shahid and Alia are filming in Leeds, Sonam and Kareena are Bolly BFF’s, and Nargis and Uday have split.

Shahid Kapoor


Shahid Kapoor

Shahid is Sleepless in Leeds!

Now all you ladies, Monika has a lead on Shahid in Leeds! Before you reach to convenient conclusions and rush to Leeds for Shahid’s aid, let Monika clarify.

News is that the hot Shahid Kapoor is shooting in Leeds for Vikas Bahl’s rom-com Shaandar. Shahid and Alia, are both playing insomniacs who fall in love in the centre of a larger than-life wedding during long, sleepless nights. Now that’s quirky!

Yes! Ladies, the UK schedule of the film is till November and Shahid might fly to India for a few days to attend the Haider premiere in October. So try your luck around Leeds!

Sonam and Kareena Kapoor

Kapoor Girls are Bonding Big Time!

Before, two female contemporaries in Bollywood being best friends was a fantasy! Friendships were limited to following the etiquette of social air-kissing. However the new gen has learnt to take it easy and friendships are budding!

Kareena and Sonam Kapoor, the chatter queens and fashionistas of Bollywood seem to be bonding in house parties these days. The two actresses chitchat on BBM every day.

With the gossip girls coming together, Monika advises all the underground romantics to beware. Some dirty secrets are going to get disclosed soon. Monika can’t contain her excitement!

Casting Director

Which Casting Director Charges Actors?

Clue: This famous casting director works with one of the massive film production houses in B-town (C’mon this one’s not a rocket science).

Gossip is that, if you want to meet this famous casting director, be ready to empty your wallets as he/she charges Rs.25,000/hr even from famous celebrities.

A well-liked TV host turned actor went for a meeting with this casting director and was shaken when he was asked to shell out the money.

After he told the casting director that he of course wasn’t carrying that much cash with him, he was told to go to the nearest ATM and withdraw the money. The upset actor paid up to honour the meeting but has affirmed never to return.

Uday Nargis

Nargis-Uday Separate

The duo had never owned up to being in a relationship in front of the media. But Nargis was even by Uday’s side when he lost his father, Yash Chopra.

Yet Fakhri was finding the long-distance part of their relationship a setback. Unfortunately, Nargis hasn’t been managing the break up very well.

Of late, the actress broke down hysterically in front of her staff while she was shooting for an item number. She couldn’t control her tears and required to be ceaselessly sweet-talked to hold on to her composure.


Which Actress is in Hiding?

Well, this ‘one of the sexiest’ actress of B-town is apparently not making any public appearances these days due to her weight anxiety.

The actress, whose forthcoming ‘action’ film has been harvesting a lot of hype and excitement, has according to the grapevine, gained eight kilos of weight and sadly at the same time has also broken out into a rash. Ouch what bad timing!

As they say, love is unconditional, her superstar beau is said to be spending his free time with her trying to cheer her up and he has no plans to leave his lady during to suffer alone. Awww!

Katrina Kaif

Why Katrina Rejected Bajirao Mastani

Everybody knows that Sanjay Leela Bhansali is working with Deepika and Ranveer on his dream venture, Bajirao Mastani.

Though, what is less known is that the film was first offered to Katrina and she outright rejected it! Now Miss Kaif tells the world that she rejected the part because she thinks that period dramas won’t suit her image.

However Monika heard that the real reason to reject the film was that after Ajay Devgn, Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor being hyped to play the male leads, at last Ranveer Singh was signed on to play the role.

Rumour has it that, Kat didn’t want to work with Ranveer since he was junior to her. C’mon Kat, weren’t you a junior to someone once?

Monika is our resident Gossip wali. Every week this Desi chick brings us selective gossip from Bollywood and the Desi entertainment world! 'Ek hafte mein itni Gossip... Hai Hai!' - A must weekly read!

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