Shaan Shahid’s daughter to join the Film Industry

Shaan Shahid revealed that his daughter, Bahisht Shahid, has embarked on her journey into the film industry.

Shaan Shahid’s daughter to join the Film Industry f

"I am more than happy that my children are contributing"

Shaan Shahid has a charming family comprising his wife, Amna Bandey, and four lovely daughters, including his eldest, Bahisht Shahid.

It appears that she is set to join the film industry.

In an interview with Suno Digital, Shaan Shahid proudly discussed his daughter Bahisht’s future plans.

He informed viewers that she had embarked on her journey into the entertainment industry.

Shaan said: “It doesn’t matter to me whether it is a daughter or a son, I am more than happy that my children are contributing to the country’s progress and making a name for themselves.”

He revealed that Bahisht has enrolled in the National College of Arts (NCA) with a focus on screenwriting, direction and acting.

Shaan expressed his pride in her commitment to honing her talents. He expressed his desire for Bahisht to excel in the media industry.

He emphasised his hopes for her success and the pride it would bring him and the nation.

Acknowledging the prevalent criticism surrounding nepotism in the industry, Shaan Shahid defended the choice for actors’ children to pursue careers in showbiz.

He drew from his own family’s legacy in the field.

Encouraging Bahisht to follow her passion, he expressed his belief in her potential to shine in the spotlight.

Bahisht, in turn, shared her apprehensions about stepping into the industry. She cited the pressure of living up to the legacy of her superstar elders.

However, she expressed confidence in her abilities. She mentioned her father’s guidance as her source of strength and determination to pursue acting, direction, and writing opportunities.

“When Baba is with me, I think I can conquer the world.”

Bahisht was asked what motivated her.

She answered: “I was influenced by my father. I was also influenced by the stories about my grandfather that my grandmother told.”

However, his fans did not entirely support this.

A user wrote:

“Please keep your family away from this filth, Shaan. Your daughter looks so innocent; she will be corrupted.”

Another added: “She is not pretty at all. She has no confidence; she is literally stuttering. We all know that she is here because of her father.”

One asked: “How are his kids contributing to the country? Acting in films is not a contribution. Who are they kidding?”

Another commented: “The very definition of nepotism.”


Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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