Shahid Kapoor reveals Adorable Picture of his baby Daughter

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor has created an Instagram frenzy by posting a picture of him and his baby daughter having “pool time.”

Shahid Kapoor reveals Adorable Picture of his baby Daughter

"Thank you for a picture of your with your Missy."

It’s never often when Shahid Kapoor posts pictures of his baby daughter on social media. But when he does, they always go viral.

His latest picture, released on 26th April 2017, acts as no exception. Shahid Kapoor posted the image on Instagram, where fans could see him holding Misha Kapoor in a small swimming pool.

Letting fans take a glimpse of their family life, he revealed how he and his baby daughter were having “pool time.” Shahid Kapoor appears as a loving, devoted father, as he looks down at little Misha, who gazes straight at the camera.

The picture has generated over 400,000 likes as fans commented on how adorable and cute the image looked. He also shared the image on Twitter, which too received a similar reaction.

A Twitter fan @rashi_giria said: “Thank you for a picture of your with your Missy.”

Pool time with missy. #besttimes

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Since the birth of Misha Kapoor in August 2016, both Shahid and his wife Mira Rajput have only released very few images of their baby daughter. Unsurprisingly, fans have grown increasingly impatient and appeared keen to see more of the little girl.

Misha’s first ever picture on social media appeared in February 2017. Seven months after her birth.

Shahid has also spoken before how the arrival of his baby daughter created an understandable impact on his life. Speaking to DNA in the past, he said:

“[He is] always trying to entertain Misha and I am down on my hands and knees all the time. [He thinks he has] become goofier after having my baby. I am doing more stupid things.

“I am trying to get her attention all the time. Just like a puppy who jumps around to get your attention.”

Judging by this latest picture, Shahid appears just as keen to spend more time with his daughter. It seems he will be juggling time spent with Misha along with his latest movie project. He will soon appear in Padmavati, which also stars Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

With this social media upload, fans may have to wait some time for the next image of adorable Misha Kapoor.

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Images courtesy of: Official Instagram of Shahid Kapoor.