Sarim Burney’s Wife reacts to Brother-in-Law’s claims

The wife of charity worker Sarim Burney has reacted to claims made by her brother-in-law that Sarim fabricates marriages on talk shows.

Sarim Burney's Wife reacts to Brother-in-Law's claims f

"Their inherent scepticism keeps them uneasy."

Aliya Sarim Burney, the wife of renowned charity worker Sarim Burney, has recently addressed allegations made against her husband.

The couple is well-known for their extensive charitable endeavours across Pakistan.

However, Sarim Burney has recently been embroiled in a child trafficking case, casting a shadow over their philanthropic work.

Adding to the controversy, Ansar Burney, Sarim’s brother, has publicly accused him of fabricating marriages and adoptions on morning television shows.

In a recent video, Aliya indirectly responded to these accusations, addressing her brother-in-law’s controversial statements.

She shared her perspective on the scrutiny and doubt that often accompany acts of kindness.

Aliya expressed: “Even if you are a good person, others may push you to the point where you have to declare, ‘enough is enough’.

“It’s peculiar how people can make you feel guilty for your acts of kindness.

“Their inherent scepticism keeps them uneasy.

“Even if you are kind to those who are unkind, they will still question your motives, believing there must be an ulterior reason behind your actions.

“These individuals often voice their doubts, asking, ‘Why are you being so nice to us?’”

Her remarks highlighted the challenges faced by individuals who engage in benevolent activities, especially when their intentions are questioned.

Aliya suggested that scepticism often overshadows genuine goodwill.

According to her, this suspicion can lead to unwarranted accusations and strained relationships.

She said: “It’s entirely possible that someone who treats you well is simply a genuinely good person.

“When such a person chooses silence, it’s often misinterpreted as guilt, when in reality, they may just be trying to preserve their relationships and show respect and love for others.”

Some users agreed with Aliya’s point of view.

A user wrote: “Aliya’s statement is a reminder of the often-unseen emotional toll that such controversies can take on individuals dedicated to philanthropy.

“Sarim Burney has been working for the unfortunate people for years, and this is the treatment he receives in the end.”

Others disagreed, with one saying: “If his own brother is accusing him of such things on television, there is definitely something wrong with Sahim Burney.”

Another questioned: “How shameless can you get? After everything your husband has done, you are out here defending him?”

One stated: “The police arrested your husband for a very valid reason.”

Another commented: “Good people don’t need to defend themselves and create drama on the media.

“There was only one genuine philanthropist, and that was Edhi Sahab. You cannot reach his level.”

Ayesha is our South Asia correspondent who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible".

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