Sang-e-Mah leaves fans torn with ‘Abrupt’ Final Episode

Not all netizens were happy with the ending of Sang-e-Mah. Many didn’t understand the need for the depiction of suicide in the final episode.

Sang-e-Mah leaves fans torn with ‘Abrupt’ Final Episode - f

"It must be condemned."

The family rivalry between Haji Marjaan and his elder son Hilmand in Sang-e-Mah finally came to a close on July 3, 2022.

Hilmand and Hikmat made up after the former repented for his mistakes and asks Gul Meena for forgiveness and punishment.

Fans were overjoyed with not one but two romance boats sailing smoothly in the beautiful valley of Laspiran and ghag is now officially frowned upon as a practice.

However, the episode had most users disagreeing with the depiction of suicide as the last resort.

The Saifee Hasan directorial, Sang-e-Mah, took the audience through a rollercoaster of emotions with its final episode.

From a happy, hopeful start with reunions and subtle love expressions between Sheherzaad and Hilmand and Hikmat and Gul Meena and the Jirga criminalise ghag, the finale took a rather tragic turn with Haji Marjaan and Zarsganga giving up on life.

However tragic, the scene was engaging with them dying in love and remorse, but together as always. Hence, people have problems with its romanticisation as well.

After Sang-e-Mah, Atif has a separate fanbase for himself as an actor. A user said that he was so good that with this character, he made Hilmand his own:

“Nobody could give justice to the character Hilmand Khan like the way Atif Aslam did.

“He lived the character, he lived the script; he lived Hilmand Khan. Going to miss watching him every Sunday.”

While praising the show, a Twitter user wrote: “What a wonderful show! But the suicide scripted at the end, that too committed by practising Muslims is not acceptable in any way!

“On the contrary, it must be condemned as there is ZERO TOLERANCE for suicide in Islam.”

Another user wrote that the finale was “great overall” but “suicide should not be promoted on television.”

A fourth felt that the show was even better than the 2016 drama Sang-e-Mar Mar which had almost the same cast:

“I thought they can’t excel after a masterpiece like Sang E Mar Mar a few years back.

“Yet here we are. This surpassed it. This was phenomenal, just phenomenal. No melodrama, no overacting.

“Plus the ending and Atif Aslam’s role were just superior.”

Sang-e-Mah is set in the tribal regions of Pakistan and explores the custom of revenge and ghag found among some Pakhtun tribes.

The focus of the drama seems to be the act of ghag, which is an announcement, by a man of his intention to marry a woman, with the added ability to bring social ruin to the family of the woman.

Within this cultural context is the character of Hilmand, who is seeking revenge from his stepfather for his father’s murder.

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