Samantha Ruth Prabhu responds to Bollywood Debut Rumours

There have been ongoing rumours that Samantha Ruth Prabhu will make her Bollywood debut soon. The actress has now responded.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu responds to Bollywood Debut Rumours f

"These are the questions I ask myself"

Samantha Ruth Prabhu has finally reacted to the rumours that she will make her Bollywood debut.

The actress is known for starring in Tamil and Telugu films.

Since making her Hindi debut in the web series The Family Man, there have been numerous rumours that Samantha will eventually venture into Bollywood.

There were reports that she already signed to do a film, reportedly under Taapsee Pannu’s production company and that an announcement would be made soon.

Others speculated that she would juggle Hindi and South Indian films as she purchased a house in Mumbai.

She has now responded to the ongoing rumours.

Samantha said: “Why not, if the right script comes, I will definitely be interested.

“But for me language is not the most important aspect, the decision to choose a script is completely instinctive.

“Does the script have its heart in the right place? Will I fit into it? Will I be able to do justice to it?

“These are the questions I ask myself before signing any new project. That’s the most important thing for me.”

Samantha’s performance as Raji in The Family Man season 2 has received a lot of praise, both from critics and the audience.

Raji is a Sri Lankan liberation fighter.

Samantha spoke about the role and said it gave her an opportunity to play a multi-dimensional character.

She explained: “As an actor, I always want to push my boundaries and explore unfamiliar emotions.

“Women actors tend to get unidimensional characters and it becomes difficult to portray them as there is fear of your performance becoming repetitive.

“With Raji, it was so different and exciting as it allowed me to explore a new dimension.”

The spy thriller stars Manoj Bajpayee. He previously explained that the series came to him at a time when he was receiving lots of offers from digital platforms.

He said: “I was quite afraid because somewhere I was reluctant to be part of the template which I could see forming on the OTT platform.

“I was not clear as to what I wanted to be part of but definitely I was very clear what I never wanted to be part of.

“At that time, there were a few of the series that garnered quite a lot of curiosity and excitement from the audiences but at the same time, there was a template that makers were following which include blood, gore and pistols.”

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