Salman Khan cheated on Sangeeta Bijlani with Somy Ali?

Somy Ali spoke about her relationship with Salman Khan and claimed he cheated on Sangeeta Bijlani with her.

Salman Khan cheated on Sangeeta Bijlani with Somy Ali f

"Sangeeta caught Salman red-handed in my apartment."

Somy Ali has claimed that Salman Khan cheated on Sangeeta Bijlani with her.

Salman’s relationship with Sangeeta was highly publicised during the 1980s and the pair were even engaged.

However, their wedding was called off.

Somy Ali – who has frequently spoken about her relationship with Salman – has now spoken about the reason why the wedding was cancelled.

She claimed that Salman was cheating on Sangeeta with her and the former actress caught the Bollywood star red-handed.

Somy said: “The wedding cards were printed, but Sangeeta caught Salman red-handed in my apartment.

“What Salman did to Sangeeta, the same happened to me.

“This is called karma; when I grew up a little, I understood about it.”

Somy previously revealed that she began dating Salman when she was just 17.

She became attracted to him after watching him in Maine Pyaar Kiya. Somy travelled to India as a result.

After Somy expressed her feelings for him, they got into a relationship.

Somy said she broke up with Salman because he cheated on her.

Since their relationship ended, Somy has accused Salman of abuse.

She claimed that Salman used to resort to violence under the pretext of expressing love and care.

Referencing her own statement that “he hits me because he cares”, Somy admitted she was naive to believe that Salman’s actions were borne out of love.

She previously called for Salman to apologise, saying:

“I want Salman Khan to confess what he put me through, from the verbal, sexual and physical abuse and I want a public apology which an egomaniac and a narcissistic individual will probably never do.

“And I want him to unban my show and I want India to be able to watch what No More Tears does, what I have given my 15 years of blood and sweat in working and saving over 40,000 men and women.

“I want Mr Khan to look at himself in the mirror and ask himself this question: How can you say that you have never hit me or abused me? How can you live with yourself, knowing that I’ve done these things and blatantly denied them and then have the audacity to ban my show?

“Shame on you. I hope that you find the grace in yourself to apologise publicly and to confess what you have done.”

Somy added that the eight years she was with him were the “worst”.

Since quitting acting, Somy Ali has stayed away from the limelight and followed her humanitarian pursuits. She also works with NGOs for domestic abuse survivors.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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