Ravinder and Ajay Soni to serve 12 years for GBH

Brothers Ravinder and Ajay Soni from Birmingham have failed in their attempt to reduce their 12 year sentences for a horrific hammer attack in Winson Green.

Soni Brothers

"This was a sustained assault, and on no view could these injuries be regarded as superficial."

On October 16th 2014, brothers Ravinder and Ajay Soni who were each given twelve year sentences for causing grievous bodily harm with intent have had their appeals to reduce their sentences rejected.

The brothers, from Knightlow Road, Harborne, Birmingham pulled up outside Devonshire Arms Pub, Winson Green in a black Range Rover wearing black hats and gloves.

They then proceeded to repeatedly hit an 18 year old man, Gurvinder Dari, outside the pub with a claw hammer, dealing several blows to his head.

The attack left the victim with a severely fractured skull, heavy internal bleeding on the brain and very traumatic physical injuries.

The attack had took place on January 18th 2013 over a reported unpaid debt.

Dari was even a one-time friend of the brothers but had been turned on when he allegedly owed money to them.

Devonshire Pub Winson GreenAt the initial court case in July 2013, Detective Constable Andrea Grace of Force CID in Birmingham said:

“This was a shocking and violent attack on a young man by two people he once considered friends.”

He then went on to say: “The chap received very serious injuries which needed extensive hospital treatment. He continues to suffer trauma as a result of his ordeal.”

Both Ajay and Ravinder had presented themselves at London’s Royal Courts of Justice on October 16th 2014, in an attempt to reduce their sentences, claiming they were unfair and unjust.

The pair had spoke in front of Lord Justice Treacy, Mr Justice Turner and Judge Michael Pert QC.

The appeals court had heard about the attack on Dari and the lawyers representing both attackers argued that the injuries suffered by Dari were not extremely serious.

Also given the age of the perpetrators, Ravinder, 23 and Ajat, 22 respectively, that the sentences they had received were too high.

Upon hearing their plea Lord Justice Treacy said:

“This was a sustained assault, and on no view could these injuries be regarded as superficial.”

Lord Treacy then went on to say: “The victim suffered serious injuries and unpleasant after effects.”Royal Courts of Justice London

Both attackers also had previous convictions for violence, something Lord Treacy was quick to point out:

“It was an attack by two men on one person and both offenders had previous convictions for violence.”

This was followed up by a concluding statement from Lord Treacy that put any hope of a sentence reduction, very quickly to bed:

“We do not consider that terms of 12 years were manifestly excessive.”

This is not the pair’s first brush with the law as the duo are already serving a four year for a Grand Theft Auto crime.

Ravinder and Ajay Soni car theft in July 2013The brothers had stolen twelve BMW’s and an Audi Q7 across Birmingham in just twenty days between January and February 2012.

Both Ajay and Ravinder Soni have shown they are dangerous men and their appeal rejections help highlight the severity of their crime against Dair.

They will continue to serve their twelve year sentences in prison, which did not result in a reduction despite their plea for leniency.

Showing that the law in such cases will not be coerced into believing a crime as serious as this does not deserve such stiff sentences.

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